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HomEqServicing / HomEqServicing

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HomEq Servicing...
Where to begin?...
I have owned my home, and accruing no late/missed payments for over Ten-years!
Of course when I hit a wall (Like 10% of us all these days)... I made the 'HUGE' mistake of trusting my Mortgage Leander (B.Y.W. My relative) that '"I could just re fie before the A.R.M. kicked in" Blah Blah Blah... *K. Sherlock? ~Did you go to Law school? Neither did I! Well Judging by the 10% of middle-class Americans... *We 'all' missed' legal rhetoric '101'!
Anyway, I trusted a relative!~ HUGE mistake!!!
They told me: " I could just refie in Two-years, and all would be perfect"!!!??? *No, I did NOT take all of my equity out! I just needed enough to pay of f a water-main leak, and a tax debt. Well under my equity (at that time)...
Well, Two-years later and a sold Loan to the 'notrorious' HomEq Servicing...
I have been late Once- in Ten and One-half years of owning my home. They "Falsely" put on my credit report a 30-day late claim. *Which I have Bank Statements and 'will' dispute!!! They have ruined my credit score by that false claim, and have jeopardized my chances to refinance.
Predatory lenders as "HOMEQ SERVICING" are the unscrupulous companies that have made yours, and my property value plunge to a record poverty level! Companies like them are depleting our economy, and raising our taxes!
I will fight these S.O.B.'S all the way to the Supreme court if I have to. *I don't have a long commute! **Bring it on!!! I am a member of N.A.C.A..
My backing is Large, and they took down FLEET in the mid-Nineties... Google it.
It's just time for all of us to put a stop to these PREDITORS, and let them know... Once and for all. Not my 'HOME'!!!
Please write your congressmen/Women, about HomEq Servicing, and how they need to be gone!
*Your neighborhood, as well as mine depends on it! NO MORE PREDITORY LEANDORS!!!
Thank you,
S. Baker
Eldersburg, MD.
* Any HELP you can give us would be amorously appreciated!

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      21st of Jan, 2009
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    HomEqServicing - Preditory Leanding
    HomEq id the DEVIL!!!
    United States

    Everything that you all have posted about these S.O.B.'s unscrupulous scams have happened to us!
    Everyone, also, seems to be asking for Help... Well, I'm telling you what I'm gonna do! Yes, they make their money from a short sale, and block us from loans by filing bogus claims on our credit reports. As, well as too many more devious tactics to mention...
    1. Don't let them talk you into a Short Sale. *They cannot force you to do this.
    2. Since they will not Modify, and fix our loans. Stop paying them. *We all do this and they are F-ed!!!
    3. A full forclosure takes up to Two-years... They cannot force you to vacate your property; Without a Crap-load of legal paper-work... *Again, this costs them $$$$$!
    4. Everyone notify the National BBB, California's Attorny General, and your local Attorney General. *This is cruecial!
    5. Don't answer their calls, and definatly save the harrassing messages, and phone records for possible Class action suit. *I actually answer and click my phone shut. This throws off the automated dialing(and it makes me smile)! LOL.
    6. Save your Mortgage money(that you could afford) in an untouchable escrow account! *Pay all of your other bills; To avoid bankruptsy. *Any renter would LOVE a full-year payment up front!
    7. Don't fix anything that is broken, damaged, or totaly un-nessesary to your familys exhistance in your Home. *Including the exterior, lawn, and gardens. Our equity is only falling!
    8.If they succede in throughing us out... Then let them have the worthless house! I'll be sure to take everything thats not glued down! And leave anything that I don't need for them to clean up. *p.S. I have a Cat, who love to leave hairballs, and litter in the 11-year old carpet. I used to vacuum!
    Honestly, If this is how they wanta play? Then, we all can ban together and sleep on Mr. CEO Keith Beckers front lawn. #916-339-6134. His e-mail is:
    Finally, as for the Employees who have hid under an annonmys username. The F.B.I. can trace your comments and you will face criminal charges if you continue to threaten and humiliate anyone on this site.
    *Lets show them we cannot be terrorized!

  • 1p
      21st of Jan, 2009
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    HomEqServicing - Preditory Lending
    United States

    One more thing:
    Check out which Banks are backing them!
    * I read that Wachovia, Deitch, and Wells Fargo are Three-that do. *Please verify this for yourself before you follow my lead. I will not be heald responsible for anybody elses actions.
    I am going to confirm HomEq's finacial backings.
    Then I will tell 'EVERYONE' I know to pull their money from these institutions, until they force H.E. OUT!

  • Aj
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    has anyone out there gone to (or perhaps going to now)Heald college and only was offered $500 from a PELL grant and then was told that the only other financial aid available was to take out a loan for the balance?? i went there to see about their paralegal program and was told i would possibly get $500 from the grant and i would have to finance $23, 000. that amount is $18, 000 over the same course at a cal state univ. while researching many websites, I've come to learn that you can also apply for a cal grant as well as a few scholarships if you attend Heald. it also says that on their website.
    my daughter, who was a single parent on welfare, went there 6 years ago and was told she could only qualify for $500 on a PELL grant and was coerced into taking a $16, 000 loan. 6 years later and she still owes 14, 000.
    is there anyone out there who might be interested in a class action lawsuit for financial fraud against Heald college??? please comment to this website.

  • Am
      26th of Feb, 2009
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    HomEqServicing - They received over $8,000 but still are forcing foreclosure
    United States

    I have had approximately 5 to 6 re-payment plans. However, in October of 2008, I attempted to make arrangements in order for my Mortgage to go back to normal and wired HomEq Servicing $8, 000 only to find that my mortgage would still be doubled at $1300.00 p/month. Now, I have a foreclosure sell date of 3/6/09 and if I do not come up with an additional $3500.00 by 3/3/09, I will lose my home of 12yrs. I was instructed that this is the only option I have on Monday 2/23/09. I have exhausted all my means and if I do not file Bankruptcy I have lost everything.

  • Ag
      26th of Feb, 2009
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    Contact me now. There is another person that has mortgage problems with the same company! I can help you stop the foreclosure. Please don't wait!

  • Al
      29th of Dec, 2009
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