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HomEQ / Fraudulent activity

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I am the Cheif underwriter and a principle in a loan modification company; Marsh Robert Group(Marsh I personally prepared and submitted a loan modification request for a family in Arizona. They would have been prime candidates for any lenders modification criteria. The household lost significant income in the economic downturn when one of two employment contracts were cut.

The father goes out and finds a job teaching special needs kids. He continues in his original employment contract remaining and continues running his part time business. He still is making much less than he was when he bought his house and has fallen behind in his payments to HomEq at this point. He calls them several times to hear 'you do not qualify for a modification' he keeps calling until a lady says, 'well, with three jobs, surely you can get more hours at one of them and catch up.'

That's when he gives up and calls us. We jump through all the hoops of asking about where and how to prepare his modification package to their standards and where to send it. After the usual few calls of 'we don't have it' and then 'we show we have a package but it is not yet accessible', I talk to a lady. It is soon obvious that I am talking to the same one my Client had given up on!! She was quite proud that she had told him he did not qualify and it was all his fault because when someone else told him he did, he wouldn't call her back for her to review his file again.

Explanations from me like, 'Maam, he was feeling overwhelmed, you had not helped him in the past, and we were preparing a professional package for him during that time to clearly show he was a worthy viable candidate' were dismissed out of hand as he had not given her the respect she deserved by immediately calling her when she told him to. It went down hill from there!

No understanding, no criteria, no logic just no! ...and then the HomEq websites accuse loan mod people of scams... These guys are only a servicer! They have a fiduciary duty to their investors that requires modifications in this economic climate. Class action anyone???

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  • Mi
      7th of Dec, 2008
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    HomEQ - Sub-prime Loan
    Homeq Servicing
    United States

    I am a victim of the Sub-prime real estate loans.

    In doing some research and speaking to my lawyer, it appears that I qualified for rate relief due a a ballooning sub-prime loan. According to the information I have received, Homeq was ethically, morally, and legally required to inform me of all my option prior to proceeding with selling my home.

  • Te
      25th of Feb, 2009
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    My family is experiencing the exact same problem and sounds like we spoke to the same lady. We have lost approx. $600 in overtime, 20 hours of hourly wage, and now have custody of our newborn grand daughter. I was told that we don't qualify for a loan modification and that anyone else attempting to assist me with a modification is scamming me because "I was told by Homeq that I do not qualify". Instead their option for me was to put my house on the market and hope for the best. I need help. Should I contact an attorney?

  • Po
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    Sounds to me, Bettsy, like HomEq is right. How much did you charge this poor person for your services? $1000.00, $3000.00, I'm willing to bet it's somehwere in between that ballpark. Does that ring a bell to anyone? Haven't you all gotten solicitations from these companies in the mail claiming to help, but they want cash up front? So, you prepared a "modification package"? So, basically your saying you took advantage of this person in their moment of vulnerability by charging them between $1K-$3K to fax the lender two paystubs, a hardship letter, the W2's, a bank statement, and proof of property insurance, and a few calls? And he still ended up with no modification? I'll bet you're mad because you didn't get a comission, huh? I'll bet you love the free advertising, huh? Nice touch putting your website in your "complaint." Try analyzing the financial information you gave the agent, see if it makes sense. Too much surplus, they don't need a modification. Too large a defecit, no point in giving them one, they can't afford it anyways. Also, see how long they've had their loan for. If they just got their loan and already fell behind, no mod. Also, if they have a discharged BK, no go. Now, this helps. Now go back to scamming people.

  • Ri
      10th of Apr, 2009
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    This is incorrect information that has been posted.
    I am the owner of Marsh Robert Group / and the person who posted this never has worked for use at any time. We only charge a modification fee if we are successful in a modification and our 98% successful on all modification. Any questions call me direct. Richard Van Dyke 888 266-9064 Ex 777 WE ARE PROUD ON THE JOB WE DO AND STAND 100% BEHIND OUR WORK

  • Ca
      6th of May, 2009
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    Go to, go to the link requesting a loan mod...follow the instructions and voula, you just saved yourself a few thousand dollars. maybe i should charge too? All you need is your log-in like if you were making your online payment.

  • De
      25th of Oct, 2009
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    HomEQ - Modification
    HomEq Servicing
    North Highland
    United States

    I was told if we sens in 7, 000 they will Modifi our loan and our payments will be 1, 200 I then recived a call Oct 16, 2009 from HomEq that they were going to Foreclose on my home and we will have to move and the Investor don't want to Modifi the Loan.
    From Debra R Ortiz Home phone 951-243-3723 E-Mail

  • Ke
      4th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    HomEQ lied and stole my home...Period

  • Ku
      15th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Sorry to hear about this I was also in foreclousre but was able to get an attorney and was able to save our home with lower interest rate and lower payments. I hope you can get an attorney to help you.

  • An
      19th of Jan, 2011
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    I am also a victim of Homeq Fradulent activties. My husband and I owned a home in NJ, Our mortage was sold to HomEq and then everything changed. When we separated, They used that opportunity to take my home away from me inspite of the numerous applications for modification and the eforts of consumer personels and attorneys
    who tried to negoitate with them on my behalf. They refused to accept payments from me because my husband was the primary borrower on the loan. Finally they took my home way from me. From March of 2010, I was forced out of my home with only a couple weeks notice and I am now paying the same amount of money for rent that I was paying or my mortage while the house remains unoccupied, just sitting there occupied by squirrels and other creatures of the earth.This is just wicked and heartlessness. At a time we the economy crippled so many of us, they used this to fulfill their own selfish desires.

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