My husband was working hard as a small business owner of a mechanic shop and one day this home pages guy walks in and harasses him to sign the contract and he would be under no obligation he just needed a signature. My husband was the only mechanic in the shop and very busy and was liking the sound of all the promises and no obligation and so he took a 2 min. break to sign so he would leave him alone while he was working. He then left and I come in and he tells me he was approached by this guy and to gave me the paperwork he left. I read the contract and was extremely upset that he signed it. I call the immediate next business day and told them that this needs to be canceled because my husband was bothered while he was working and was promised everything opposite of the contract. he spoke very rude to me in kind of a ha ha way saying well mam our contracts are non cancelable and it says it and your husband signed and we already started working on this. I said its the next business day and I am not paying you so don't run the ad. They ran the ad and now sent us to the collection agency and I am still standing by my claim that the sales rep should not have bothered my huband while he clearly had not free time to read a contract and took advantage of that by promising him no obligation signing. I hate people like this and I have emailed and called several different people non of whom can explain to me why this is acceptable other than well he signed it. Furthermore, another mechanic in the same town had a similar account only worse. The salesman followed his wife home and told her that her husband said to sign it. They make a living off of taking advantage o busy hardworking people by lying to them anyway they can just to get that signature. I think they need to be stopped because the salesperson has to learn it from the upper sales management. Fire them all I say...

Jan 24, 2015

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