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Like many other families we fell pray to HomeEq. I was a home builder and this was a costume made home I build for my family. After the crash of the real estate market my construction business also crumbled. Eventually I could no longer make my mortgage payments. HomeEq refused to modify our loan; during the foreclosure stage they refused two (2) short sale offers.

And finally, after they got the writ of position on my property they refused a cash offer for the full balance of the mortgage. We were told that if we wanted to buy our home we would be allowed to bid on it 30 days after the Eviction. Why you ask? It's simple; HomeEq is a servicing company that works for major bank who owns the note on the property.

While they have the account they are making money. They will rather evict a family that's ready to payoff a home. The moment I paid my loan they would lose the account and the continuing revenue they stood to earn from the foreclosure, eviction, preparing for sale, and finally sale of the home.

I was evicted; I had rent for two months, when the house was offered for sale I was able to purchase it back for less the 60% of the original mortgage sum. It did not matter to HomeEq they were not losing a penny, JP Morgan / Chase took the hit and loss over $ 130, 000.00

HomeEq profits on family's misery caused by their greed.

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  • Ho
      May 12, 2008
    HomeEq Servicing - Theft of money
    HomeEq Servicing
    North Carolina
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    HomeEq Servicing got me good. First off I did not want them as a mortgage. As soon as I got them they uped my mortgage then told me there was nothing they could do it was a law that they had to up it. I mortgage went up again.All of this less than a year. Then I did pre check by phone. They took out to much money and did not reemburse it then when i sceduled for a payment they took it out to soon and caused me to go in the whole with my bank account. It took my bank two weeks to get the money back and cost me more money to fix it rather than HomeEq fixing it. When I called them and told them I was refinancing to get away from them I was told I could never get away from them because they would always take over the refinance no matter who I refinanced through, that they were going to take my house regaurdless of what I do. After that they say they have not been recieving my payments. I called to cancel the checks and send the money estern union and that is when I learned they put me in foreclosure last week. My husband called them and the say they have over 1100 in reserve for a payment which is a credit and that they put us in foreclosure three weeks ago. The pay to get out of forecloser was a different amount that they gave me and my husband only two hours apart in calling. These people take your money and life and do not care. They have fraud written all over them. The more I find out about this company the more I want to see them out of bussiness. We need to contact the media and go as far as we can to get these people out of bussiness and help get our livs back if we can. Is there a group lawsuit against them that I can get involved in because that is my next step.

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  • Do
      Jul 22, 2008

    They pulled the same exactb thing on me. Taling double payments etc...

    I'm a professor of IT and my Dad's a lawyer and it did not slow them done as I have enough fraudulent activity to convict OJ.

    How these guys get away with this stuff I don't know. I have the connections and resources in Pa to get them in serious trouble.

    Yes, let's get a class action suit together I'll organize it if you like??

    I was late on 1 payment and they threatened me with foreclure as well after 5 years.

    I'll need a ll the documented facts. Do not work with them on the phone ther are liars and crooks.


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  • Ro
      Jan 31, 2009
    HomeEq Servicing - Unauthorized billing
    HomeEq Servicing
    United States

    I too have, been struggling financially; yet until recently I've been very prompt with my mortgage payments. But I was quite upset when I noticed that HomeEq serving had been holding $2400 in escrow for taxes on my condo, even though my local property tax statement stated that my tax was only $980!

    Having previous experience in the Real Estate field, I know that they should only be off by a couple hundred dollars; and they should immediately correct this every January. I believe that HomEq like many other 'financial institutions' are intentionally encouraging foreclosures (instead of offering assistance) so that they can sell the property twice (like a used car salesman). Don't be fooled they write off your loss then re-sell the property. They are double dipping, with write offs and tax credits; while strengthening their liquidity with the properties and bail-out assistance.

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  • Mi
      Jun 09, 2009

    I too have a story, but the question is what is getting done and what can i do? i was forced to choose between my 2 homes now ive got none. im supposed to be getting out, have nowhere to go and all my money has been givin to Homeq. any suggestions

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  • Ha
      Aug 06, 2009

    After hearing these two stories plus a few more on other sites I'm wondering if I can get a lawyer to get us out of the contract. I just got a call from one of their associates... I'm not late. My payment is not due until Monday? I called them back. They have no record of anyone calling me. I wonder if they have an employee that is scamming them and stealing money from customers? They refused to accept a payment because it was considered a partial payment, which caused me to be two months behind and I am now on a repayment plan. One of their associates called me and said she had to have my info again for their records, then got mad said I should just pay my bills since I had the money and quit buying extravagant things? I don't have the money and I don't buy extravagant things. She told me I had make a payment that was two hundred dollars more than what I owed. I called back a week later to make the payment and they were great and told me not worry about it my payments were not going up and everything went back to normal?? Again they had no record of this conversation. Sounds like it's an insider and the company itself doesn't know whats going on. I insist on calling them and from now on I will call them back if they call me before I make any arrangements.

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  • Li
      Dec 19, 2009
    HomeEq Servicing - Fraudulant Foreclosure
    HomeEq Servicing
    United States

    HomeEq servicing (HES) purchased my loan from Litton loan one month after I was forced to refinance my house due to divorce. in 06 I had $60K in medical bills and another huge financial hardship having to do with my business. This forced me to try and modify my loan so that I could afford the payments. In 06, HES put my interest at 8% which made my housepayment too high to afford. I worked with them throughout the last entire year until it was clear they would not modifiy my loan to the 2% fed government rate of qualifying homeowners. I did qualify for the program and was told by the HomeEq people themselves that they would only mofidy it to 6%, I had to make 3 payments at that rate and then they would move it to the 2% rate which I could afford. I decided to use America's Law Group to modify it to the 2% with HES as they would not cooperate with me. I paid America's Law Group company $1750 to modify my loan, they went out of business after 4 months and kept my money! They did not negotiate with HES that I am aware of. Throughout the process, I still called HomeEq constantly because I didn't want to lose my house while that was going on. I had faxed, faxed and faxed again documents they requested. Hundreds of pages later I would call them and they would say docs were missing. So, they would give me another fax number to send to. The next time I would call to verify, they would say the same docs were missing! I had confirmation from my fax machine always. They would say I faxed to the wrong department or some other stupid excuse. Then, after I faxed all again, they told me I needed to go online and fill out the same forms I had faxed them. So, I did that, even though I felt like it was a run-around and that they had everything they needed to modify my loan. to top it off, the state of CA held up my unemployment benefits (mainly because they have no money to pay anything) for 7 months because whoever interviewed me on the phone said that I was "not available for work", which was completely unfounded and I made no mention of that whatsoever. I communicated on a weekly basis with HomeEQ during this period and they assured me that they didn't want my house and that as long as I continued to communicate with them and let them know when my Unemployment Benefits came in, they would wait. In October, I finally rec'd my check. I called in the beginning of October and tried over and over again to submit payment. HES had an excuse not to recieve it over and over again. They assured me that nothing bad would happen and that they would review the online forms within 10 days. I called back again and again trying to submit payment to them. While I was out of the state looking for work, I got a trustee sale notice on my door. Foreclosed on house, December 7, 09. The reason? They never recieved the hardship affadavit that I faxed 19 times from April through October! No redemption period. house is just gone. I feel very strongly this is because I am a single female that was too high of a risk for them and my house is in a decent neighborhood in CA where we have a good chance of some property value recovery there.
    HomeEq servicing are liars, they do not know what the right hand is doing and they are taking houses from people in areas where they feel like they can get away with it. There is no retribution unless I want to get a lawyer. I can't afford a lawyer even though I know this was a fraudlant foreclosure. Homeowners have to have some rights and even though there is technically no redemption period for non-judicial foreclosures in the state of CA, there has to be some sort of protection for people like me!

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