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1 Longmeadow, MA, United States

I ordered a chaise and a few smaller items. I contacted the delivery service by email indicating the days I could be ready for delivery. The delivery service attempted delivery on the first date without, however giving me any prior confirmation. As a result, although home at the time, I missed the delivery. I contacted the delivery service and rescheduled the delivery for the second date. That date was today. The delivery arrived on time however only the smaller item was delivered, no furniture. When questioned, the driver said that that was all he had on the truck. I contacted the delivery service again and was told by the manager that Home Decorators had required him to return the chaise to them despite his informing them that we had a delivery date set for today. He said that he knew I was going to call upset.
I contacted Home Decorators who confirmed that they had instructed that the chaise be returned because I had refused delivery. Of course, they had not credited my account and said they wouldn't until they received the chaise back even though they charged my account as soon as it was shipped. They also informed me that they were slapping a return fee on me for refusing to accept delivery. So no doubt I will be fortunate if I receive even 50% of my money back and I have paid to have furniture shipped back and forth to Mexico twice. I have had previous positive experiences with this company and this has been a deep disappointment and unnecessarily costly. I will not be doing business with them again.

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