Home Theater Couch / Poor Customer Service

1 9515 West Broad Street, Richmond, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (804) 747-8000

Do Not Buy From Here! My one order has taken over 3
months to fulfill and not even to my liking. Mike is the manager and
after the sale he does not want anything to do with your order. He is
very unhelpful and will keep cutting you off so he can talk and tell you
it is not his responsibility or in his hands anymore. Roscoe was the
sales rep who sold me the couch and assured me it would be taken care
of. But it turned out to be the biggest headache for me and my wife.
Worst Customer service I have ever received.

I bought 2 couches (paid full), waited 1 month for delivery only to have
1 of them delivered because the other was damaged. They told me I would
get the other one in 2 weeks, but after 2 weeks had passed they told me
it would be another month. After waiting for a bit and not getting a
definite response, I told them I wanted to cancel the order. They told
me I cannot return the other couch because it was out of the return date
(in their policy).

I tried contacting corporate and they told me it is upto the store (W.
Broad St Store) itself and it is not in their hands. Mike the manager at
the store was extremely rude and told me once the order is placed they
don't handle anything and I could contact Haynes After Delivery Service.
We had to schedule twice for delivery because people were not willing
to take our couches to the 4th floor even though it was in our notes.
The delivery people tried to leave or ask for more money. They were not
willing to position the couches where we wanted, they stated it was
their job to just take it to the floor and not place it where someone
wants it.

Had I known better the headache their management and third party
delivery would cause I would never have bought it in the first place.
Rooms2go and Havertys are much better. They try to over sell at Haynes
and don't have the customers interest in mind. Prices are not that
different from other places, but the customer service is (in a bad way).

Think twice before you buy from them!

Sep 09, 2014

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