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HomE servicing / FRAUD

1 PO Box 13716Saramento, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-326-3449

I was forced to sign over insurance proceeds to HAZARDS CLAIMS when my home was flooded on April 16, 2004.

I am now homeless...have mycotoxicosis, aspergilliosis and Valley Fever and am dying from the toxic mold poisoning.Homeq Servicing failed to supervise the repairs and removal of mold in over 2000 sf of my home after they let parts of my home remain wet for 3 months .They then paid the insurane companies contractor after the insurance co and Homeq fired a skilled and upscale homebuilder I had hire to repair my home. He refused to reuse moldy materials and the war began. He got fired and a shifty contractor, a friend of Farmer's Insurance took over.

Valerie Shackelford, Hazard Claims Specialist and Farmer's Insurance paid Evans Brothers Construction and other services monies placed in trust to be release upon inspections . They failed to do 2 of 3 inspections.I have 2 post inspections and another legal document that supports the condition of the house and mold left behind.

I lay in bed with spinal cord injures and had to smell the stench for several weeks . I was moved into a hotel for about a month and then back into an uncontained failed mold remediation site. The contractor walked off the job after HomeQ paid him before over 1/2 of the work was done.

I lived in a house with no siding, no insulaton, no windows, no flooring, no electrict downstairs and no stairs to my bedroom. The closets were so small a hanger would not fit. I had no kitchen and no cabinets . I cooked on a hot plate and lived in a house where mold was growing on water in glasses and on handiwipes next to my bed.

They were notified about the failed mold remediation and they kept hanging up on me when I called Valerie. My Insurance Co and Homeq were suppose to work it out but no body did anything. I learned of the foreclosure while I was in Calif seeking medical help.They resold my house and made no disclaimers to anyone that the house was a failed mold remediation site.

They broke all the rules and I am in bed begging for public assistance to live.I left my home with no belongings as they had mold growing on them or in them. The insurane co and contractor took over $100, 000 worth of furnishings and appliances and left my garage and house with boxes of moldy belongings.

I hope these people rot in hell. They deserve any justice I hope to get.

My equity was over $250, 000 . Replacement value in Calif is about 2 million without land.

I am not sure, but believe Barkley Bank owns them now. They don't tell you anything on their website.

These people are really a disgrace to mankind and the worse kind of predator, creating a hazzardous environment then foreclosing when you can't live in toxic mold...

I hope everyone complains to the government agencies and FBI about their illegal and racket to take peoples homes without fulfilling their part of the contract.

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