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Recently I received what appears to be an official check drawn in Huntington National Bank of Columbus Ohio for $2840.00 with instructions indicating that I have been a lucky winner of a prize of $95, 000.00. This according to the letter is the result of a free promotional drawing. Instructions on the letter state that I must not cash check until I contact claims handler 'Tim Walters' at [protected]).
This check according to this company is the tax imposed on my winning prize money and they are facilitating this money to expedite claiming of the $95k. This appears to be a scam where they expect you to pay the tax imposed on your winning ticket and they ask you to hold on to the fake check as warranty for your funds. Please be aware that the letter they send has no official letter head, and the envelope has no return address. This could very easily be considered mail fraud since this offer did come thru regular mail. It originated in Canada.
Please be aware of this type of scams. I will be contacting bank officials to verify check information.

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  • Ng
      Jul 26, 2009

    I'm not following you ... so is it or a scam or not? You say "appears to be a scam" and you suggest mail fraud, but never explain why exactly you believe it to be fraud or what is the supposed scam is scaming you for. If the check is to be held to pay the supposed taxes on the winnings, why do you consider it a scam at this point.

    The reason I comment is because I recieved a similar letter. And yes, the check appears to be authentic. But mine is originated by Bank of York.

    If you have other information to substantiate your claim, please post. I will be investigating and I will post what ever I find out.


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  • 99
      Jul 27, 2009

    i did received one too, but from the bank of york like ngonzo and it look too good to be true, so any other information from what to see to be an scam?

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