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immigration and human rights

Searching solution- case in European Court of Human Rights - Asylum? v. United Kingdom

To Whom It May Concern: About mine legal suit in European Court of Human Rights.
-Asylum v. the United Kingdom.
This case can be general decision and mutual support for many cases and cause changes in immigration policy.

I want to inform you/your public establishment, that in present time I have case in European Court of Human Rights
- Ref.: 47***/07, but coerce to give elucidations about my case (B** - United Kingdom) in European Court of Human Rights and situation around me in United Kingdom at present time.

I appeal to independent immigration and human rights bodies and public establishments in United Kingdom and in Europe with short description of this case, and want to make a request about help, advice, and to inform about new policy of immigration authorities in United Kingdom.
In present time I have case B**-UnitedKingdom in European Court of Human Rights, and live in my place of legal residency in United Kingdom - Aberdeen, Scotland, but immigration authorities do not contact, or inform me about my suit from October 2007, and I must to inform you about my situation, and atmosphere created around me in United Kingdom, and about new policy of immigration authorities towards resident of United Kingdom.
I arrived at a conclusion, that I don't have any relevant decisions about my case in UK, because all my appeals to immigration authorities in UK to decide this situation stay without any kind of answers and replies, and I am forced to demand justice with public establishments' assistance in United Kingdom and in Europe to resolve this situation.
I don't have any new documents about my case from immigration authorities in United Kingdom, or information about possible changes or developments of my case, and I don't know who I am - I am not asylum seeker, because I don't have any proper form of identification about my status, and have no rights to benefits, but not illegal immigrant, because I was released from detention centre without any form of explanation why I was released, living in my own property, and still don't know on what conditions and grounds, or according which law - the very only condition - I can't to provide myself and my family in country, where I live and work from July 2002.
My last contact with immigration authorities on my case was in October 2007, and I have informed them about my situation in May 2007 - more than 1 year ago, and this situation is still unsolved, and look like it will be a long matter of dispute, but I tried and used all legal options in UK already, but immigration authorities don't give me any information, and don't want to take the trouble, for themselves certainly.
No attempts to legally challenge decision or me in court, to examine case, according new laws or policies, and modern realities, no any desire to clarify this suit, just ignoring me, but it is my life, invaluable time and hard-earned money.
I am not provided with legitimate identification with purpose do not let me to legalised by myself according law, and I can do this, that is the main reason why I do not have the very only necessary document - proper identification, because I have all other documents and legal options to live and to work in UK, tax payer for 5 years, in electoral roll, have property, and have more documents, issued by British authorities, than many British passport holders.
All my phone calls to immigration authorities, immediate faxes to Home Office about confirmations and letters from European Court of Human Rights about my case court ignored too, any inquiries still unanswered, and for last 7( seven ) months I don't have any form of contacts with immigration authorities in UK about me or my case or about decisions of my destiny and my case in UK, or possible changes in my case, or may be I do not have any action, and purposely keeping in what I am absolutely unaware of my situation, and my case do not exist, it is just antiquated policy of Home Office to create atmosphere of fear and uncertainty around me purposely and deliberately.
They are not interesting in this case, beyond all questions.
It is very strange to observe this in European country.

But I don't have rights to any benefits, because I am not asylum seeker, and don't have any form of legal personal identifications, but cynically forced to pay council tax to my property for fear of criminal persecution, and this situation create absolutely inhuman atmosphere around me.
Or may be Home Office wants me to die from starvation, because I don't see, how it is possible to live in United Kingdom without income, is it European country ?, or it is punishment in some other way, but I was in detention centre, and food was good.
Is it possible to live in United Kingdom without any support and income, in situation, when authorities don't leave any options to survive, and hamper case deliberately, refusing me in any kind of support, and do not provide information, and ignoring and me, and this legal case.
Or may be I do not have any legal suit in United Kingdom, and it is only violation of my human rights by immigration authorities.
I am persecuted may in some other ways - my phone calls to my wife and some land lines numbers in Russia blocked, and my all complains to customer services of British telecommunication and service provider ignored too, and I worry about my phone calls and emails too.

My main bank account blocked, so I don't have any kind of legal income, and only support from my friends and financial organizations of UK help me to survive.
Under these horrible and inhuman circumstances I feel under stress, and have health problems and forced to take medication in present time.
My friends and residents of United Kingdom, supporting me, extremely surprised of such policy.
Home office hoping that that I or European Court will lost interest to this case, or I will be forced to leave country, with danger for my life and freedom in Russia, because of unbearable financial, health or moral atmosphere, unlawfully created around me.
My appeal to European Court of Human Rights was the very last attempt to find decision, because court in Britain was interested in my life in Russia, and immigration authorities do not show any desire to solve this situation, and I used all legal options in UK already.
This is the main reason, why I was forced to appeal to European Court of Human Right, and they take action in my case, the European Court immediately respond, and I have permanent contact with The Registry and support, but for their decision needs time.
I agree to wait, but my abilities, financial - limited, so I need support - not financial, to accelerate decision making process in this situation, and European Court don't have options to speed up legal process, but immigration authorities have this option, but refused maliciously.
6 years I lived, work in this country, and I am extremely appreciating this, but policies of immigration authorities give strange impression for the last year, and this suit not good for reputation and image of authorities of the United Kingdom.
All lawyers in UK refused to work with my case, because they didn't see any reason for my persecution and can't protect me, and all public bodies in UK refused to help me, because I was successful in my life in UK, healthy individual, so I do not need human rights or humanitarian protection, all my appeals to press or Internet forums stay without answers too.
This is the reason, why I do not use lawyers, and I did all paper work by myself.
Is it bad to be hard working, educated, healthy and sensible person to live and work in United Kingdom, and contribute to society and economy - looks like it is very bad?
During 6 years I continually try to find legal decisions for my situation, because I leave Russia for the simple reason that my life and freedom was in danger, and with desire to start new life in my age, and Home Office agreed with that, not financial or other reasons, but they refused to take on account all my legitimate and dutiful life in UK for last 6 years.
I am very worried, that in some moment I can become the victim of some form of arbitrary decision of Home Office, and sometime feel unsecured and unprotected from inconsequent judgments of immigration authorities in UK.
Immigration authorities constantly changing their own decisions, and not only in my case, but media in UK are full of such kind of stories, and no smallest desire not even help or prevent, but to do job according law and rules.
They detain me, and release me, they told me that I will never be released, even before court hearings, or have bail, before court hearing, but I was released without bail, never will live in United Kingdom, and again before court hearing, but I was released, and living in my residency, and they always changing rules and policy, but never tried to give me any explanations about their decisions, and it is my real situation, and it is just fear.
They do not look through my case, and totally ignore me, so why I am still in this situation.
Is it legitimate in civilized and law obedient European country?
Is it possible to behave in such manner towards human being in European country in modern times?
Or may be they try to avoid any responsibility, and waiting for some other reasons?

Nothing else is left, but to ask You help me, and to look into my case, and may be expedite it, because may be in UK I don't have case, or may be I have it, but I am not informed, and I am not persecuted, or detained, I am totally ignored and forgotten, of set purpose and of malice prepense, beyond all questions.
I know what for to fight, for my safe, settled life and freedom in UK, not for passport, and new options in my life. Sometimes I feel tiredness, and morally and financially exhausted, but I have very serious reasons why I am not going to give up - danger for my life and freedom in Russia.
Without quick decision and Your help I am in serious troubles - hope only financial, so I am asking you to help resolve this situation, because present situation proves, that Home Office absolutely not interesting in quick and legitimate solution of this situation, and I can become victim of their inconsistent policy.
I need social and political help with quick, but legitimate decision in this situation, but my abilities to favour the development of my case limited, that is why I asking for help from independent organizations and public, and for changes in immigration policy.
If you or your organization is able to help me, or other people in similar situation, I am ready to provide any kind of legal files about my case in UK, and with all necessary legal information.
I am just only personality, but to believe that public and legal opinions are on my side, and summon up support for mine and similar cases, and change policy according modern reality, and we will able to forget about cold war and separated Europe, like mistakes in human history.

Yours truly, Igor B**

My home address - legal residency:
To: Igor B**
Flat *, ** Charlotte Street
Aberdeen shire
AB25 1LQ
Great Britain

Home phone: +[protected]***
Mobile phone: +44 [protected]
Fax number: +[protected]***
Email address -

Home Office reference number - B1246***
Port Ref: - ABE/1861***

Ref.: 47***/07 - European Court of Human Rights.

all this system is wrong, unhuman and corrupted !!!

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