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I had the similar experience. I booked through Agoda using my Bank of America debit card to get a hotel in Shanghai, China. Upon check out, I paid cash to the hotel but when I returned to the states, I found out my debit card has been charged. So I had a Chinese friend of mine to speak with the hotel, and they said that they have received cash from me so trying to figure out a way to refund via the booking company -- Agoda. And I had Bank of America Dispute Resolution Services handle the case. But, after 2 months, I received a letter from BofA saying there's no error so they closed the claim. Then, I looked at the voucher Agoda sent to BofA (sent by BofA along with their letter of conclusion) It's just a reservation confirmation letter so it's not a receipt that I signed on. The truth is when I paid cash to the hotel, I received a receipt from the clerk but I threw it away. And Agoda is presenting to BofA a confirmation voucher -- what does that mean? Nothing. There's no my signature on it. I had another Chinese friend of mine to speak to the hotel. They said the same thing - they have received cash from me and spoke with Agoda about the issue so I should have received my money back. I asked them to send me an email with the body "I have paid cash" and they said yes, but I've never received an email back in Dec 2011. And when a Chinese friend of mine called them, they refused to send another email because they already closed the year, but they have somewhere in the system that I paid cash, then why wouldn't they send me an email? Anyway, I'm still in the process of resolution. Am thinking about complaining to directly if this doesn't get resolved. Priceline bought Agoda and they should be aware of Agoda's scheme.

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