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Home Income Kit / Home Income Kit Rip-off

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This morning I saw a news report from a so-called reputable television station. Channel 7 "News Daily 7" Much to my surprise now that is not a television station. This "News Daily 7" Is actually Home Income Kit. They added fake customer testimony to make you believe that these at will customers purchased their product for 2.97 Activation and were well on their way to generating income. Not lucrative income but just income.
I signed up for this bullcrap, and needless to say right after the activation fee was accepted I was redirected to 4 other web-sites/telephone numbers that I must use in order to complete the entire process.
first I must build my own website, and because they can tell over the internet it must be hard for me to build my own I must use thier so call web site builder. I can use this website builder for as low at One-dollars. If I like the product and I am generating business I will automatically be enrolled in a 39.95/month cycle to pay for the web site designed. Next I have to have a domain name(of course right) well Im sure you are not surprised when I say that was at least another 39.95/month automatica billing cycle. But oh wait its not over yet, just when I thought it could not get any worst I have to call an 877 number so I can talk to MY free tax consultant. Wow I am in the business now, I have a tax free consultant that costs. Hummmmm...are any red flags up yet? Well lets keep it moving. If I really want to generate money I need to become a VIP Member which can be done for the low -low price of just 29.95 this is a remarkable deal since its a markdown from 129.95 Wow. I should just run right out and click my button "That was easy"! Oh yeah did I forget to mention your web hosting will cost you a minimum of 4.95/month oh yeah thats another automatic billing that will be done because I am such a special person. Finally when its all over and done you have to call this 877 number again to finish the enrollement process while you wait for a Home Income Kits that has many more great deals in it just because I was stupid enough to believe what I was ready.
Are you lauging yet? I am because I want to see how they will get their money. I have already called my bank to a)have any automatic ach withdrawals from this company red flagged and b)exploring the possibilities of cancelling that card(I lost my card, I need a new one) Yep that easy. Never ever ever again will I be so gullable.

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  • St
      18th of Nov, 2010
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    Home Income Kit scam:

    Fake news website owned by:

    Sherman Choo
    348 Balestier Road
    Phone:+65. 942 35522

  • Ba
      23rd of Aug, 2013
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    Home Income Kit - Won't refund charges
    Home Income Kit
    United States

    After signing up for this home business (did not research like I usually do) I went to the "members site" a few times and felt this type of business was not for me. I called and sent an E-mail canceling my order. About two days later I called again and spoke to Michael in the customer service department and explained why I was calling.

    He was hollering at me and told me "I did not deserve my refund as I did not put in enough effort." I told him I went to the site to get acquainted but was not interested in this type of business. He continued hollering at me and told me I would not be getting a refund. He said the guarantee states that the individual had to put in some sort of effort. I looked all over the site and did not find anything that stated this. I did find in the disclaimer that "we offer our hassle free no questions asked refund" (printed out disclaimer).

    I have decided that this is a scam and something needs to be done to stop them from scamming other people. I hope you are able to help me and protect others.

    I am filing and Affidavit of Fraud with my bank. If you have any other suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Barbara J. Poytinger

  • Nc
      19th of Sep, 2013
    0 Votes

    I am going through the same thing right now. Their refund states they "ask" that you give it effort- but it is not required/mandated. I knew this wasn't for me when a very rude person called my house during dinner and got very ugly when I told him I couldn't talk- it was dinner.
    I emailed for a refund and they said no. I emailed 3 more times outlining their refund policy and the word "ask" not required and nothing. They have not replied to anything. They even went as far as send me an automatic reply that stated I reached out to them outside business hours. It was between 1 -2 pm in the afternoon.
    I have since filed a complaint with the BBB. They are not following their own refund policy. I should have done more research on my end but if you have a refund policy, you should have to comply with the request.

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