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Home Everything / terrible business practices

1 1269 Coney Island Ave.Brooklyn, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1 (888) 518-3484

Big mistake ordering from this sleezy company. I should have checked reviews before ordering but their price and free shipping was attractive. March 25, 2011 I ordered a range, and my account was charged the next day. I was told shipping would happen April 8th. The 8th came and went, no notification of shipment. I then got a notice that shipment would occur April 22nd. The 22nd came and went, no shipment and I was told that shipping would occur April 28th. I called Home Everything to cancel the order and was transfered to three different employees and placed on hold between each person almost an hour. I finally spoke to manager Dave who said he would knock off $100. from the price and guarantee shipping by the following Friday (I called on a Monday) if I did not cancel the order. Like a fool, I agreed. On Friday, I received an impending shipping notice. By the following Wednesday, the impending shipping notice had not changed so I called the shipper to find out where my range was. They advised that they had not even received authorization to pick up the range from Home Everything's warehouse. Not wanting to be on hold again for over an hour, I emailed Home Everything and again cancelled the order and demanded a refund. The next morning, I received a tracking number and email requesting me to pick a delivery date. The earliest date was May 3rd, 2011 which I chose. The range was finally delivered on the 3rd, 38 days after I ordered it. The delivery men were very nice and unpackaged the range from its box which appeared to be crushed and I discovered the right side of the range was bashed in. The damage appeared to be cosmetic and the delivery men offered to return the range but said that Home Everything might offer a discount if I kept the range. Knowing the problems I had even getting the range delivered, I knew it would be a daunting task to return the damaged range and either get a refund or replacement from Home Everything. I took photos of the damage, called and then emailed Homeeverything. Home Everything (Jamie) offered a $100. discount if I kept the range. I advised that would be acceptable assuming that the range was still safe to operate. I had a licensed and qualified gas installer check the range and certify that it was safe to operate so I emailed Jamie that the $100. discount would be acceptable. That was over a week ago and my account has not received the $100. credit. When I asked why I had not received the credit, I was told it would take several days. It only takes minutes to credit ones account so this is totally bogus and another attempt to hold on to my money as long as possible. I have now emailed Home Everything to either credit my account immediately or pick up the range. If ANYONE knowingly does business with this company, they need to have their head examined. Home Everything is the poster child for sleezy operations!

Home Everything
Home Everything
Home Everything

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