Home Depotinstallation of a samsung gas range model nx58h5600s.

On June 8, 2018 the Home Depot contractor delivered my stove and we also paid for installation kit and installation. The older person checked the fittings on the gas valve and found that the fittings in the kit were the wrong size. He then dismantled the end of the valve which caused a gas leak in the house. I informed him that the fitting was not a re-moveable portion of the valve. He ignored my warning and continued to install the adapter into the valve. When he tightened the fitting the valve was jammed. He put the valve back together and informed me that I would have to purchase the correct install kit. I informed him that was not my problem and he became belligerent and indicated that I could refuse the order. My wife called Yomanti at the contractors office and was informed that they would have to get the correct install kit and return the next week. When I spoke with her she informed me that I would have to purchase the right kit. I told them to leave and I would install the range myself. Because of the damage that was caused by disassembling the valve, I was forced purchase a new valve and the proper install kit. Took me 10 minutes to connect the range. This is the second time for poor installation service from Home Depot. Buyer beware!!!

Jun 08, 2018

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