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Layton, United States

Wood was cut, but one piece was the right measurment.I complained, Was told by tammy the wood was on her, meaning free.Instead of just recuting the three sheet's of wood to measurement.I should of got this all recut.I had to wait a few hour's while everyone else got the wood cut and it was one sheet.i also had security walking around me and my daughter like i was at fault for this.I want to point out my daughter is 10, Autistic and also half Caucasian I'm from Manhattan NYC.After i waited a few hour's a man said at that time he will not recut any wood.One piece of wood was recut.Everyone else who had the wood geting cut had no complaint's.I found this to be harrasment.When i went to the check out and tammy checked me out she was rude.The security followed me around the store and watched my every move.An employee, joe who's picture is in front of the store follwed me outside, He help's people load and unload building meterial's.He did not offer any help he just follewd me out and looked at me like i was at fault.

I came in the store next week to return liquid nail's because the grade i had was not very good.I also had a few peices of 1 x 2 cut.This was to try and make the project work because my wood was cut way off the week previously.The date is now 4-8-2015.I walked to the service desk.A woman in gray adidas refused me service there.I went to the next lane over a cashier by the name of brent was there and i asked why was i not help'd? he said he don't know and i should of ben help'd.Brent was busy i had to wait in the line.She over heard the conversation and said i can help u sorry.I then declined to go to a racist cashier.Brent rung me up and at the same time he also got an attitude.When he rung my item's up they were put on the floor for me to pick up.At this point i went home and called the store to report this to a manager.I could not get to one.An asst manager by the name of blair spoke with me about this and said we will give u a in store credit of $50.00.He said i just need to give my name at the service desk at check out and i will get it.At this point i said ok i will.When i called the store to see if this was true the service desk said i have no credit there.I asked to speak with blair, He was not there.So i spoke to an asst manager by the name of mike.He also said i had no credit and began to be unreasonable.I said i need to talk to someone else to get this resolved i dont want to talk with u anymore.He hung the phone up in my ear.At this point i've met 3 asst manager's at this location.They were all unhelpful and treating me with very poor customer service.

The next day i called the coorparate office and spoke to a lady and she then transferd me to Blair once again.He again said the credit is there.Not true.When i went to buy some wood and got it cut and went to check out there was no credit there nor was my name written down anywhere instructing the lady at the desk to give me a credit.At this point blair was called up, He told then give me the credit when i come check out.I got there and i was still refused the credit.Finally a lady said give him the credit I heard it.Why wasn't the credit at the front waiting for me? At this time i'm geting a little emotional You guy's put me through so much at this store it aint funny.My 10 year old autistic daughter has to witness something like this! I was given no recipt and i was given a little peice if papper saying $22.50.Was this supposed to be the way i kept track of the credit? even after a lady spoke up for me they still did not want to give me the credit and neither did they contact blair to confirm it like i requested.I was just treated with bad customer service.I left and told coorparate about this and was offered $100.00.After all that $100? the guy agreed to give me $300.00 and that's all that was worth to the coorparate office.I never received it.No one got in trouble either did anyone ever apolagize.

I went to the store 9:15 PM On [protected] before the store closed to get some tool's and glove's.Hoping to avoid rude customer service.Not a chance! a man helped me locate the tool's as i asked for help and a man was watching us in the backround.After i got help i went to find me some work glove's.Again i have my daughter.I tried on a pair, was to small.I tried on another pair then looked up and the same man that was waching me geting help find tool's and sander disc came peeking down the aisle.Why? more harrasment.

I went to the store 6:20 PM on [protected].I had my daughter and a man was in line after me.The cashier in her late 50's then said hey u wana run away with me? i had so many bad experiences here at this store.I kept quiet i was very imbarrassed and asshamed.She made it worse and said oh u gona just stand there and look at me stupid and crazy? Still i kept quit i wanted to pe myself i was so shocked that she kept this going.The man in line after me couldn't beleive his ear's either he shooked his head no.I looked at her no kind of way and said nothing back i just wanted to hurry up and leave.She then did not ring me up she said no bar code is here.Talking about 2 ft x 4ft polystyrene. And looked in the computer for the picture.Made me and my daughter go back and find another one and said i will be here when u return.I know all She just had to find the picture on the computer or send someone else back.I went and when I got back and she was not there like she said she would be.Another lady was there and she was not even logged into the computer to help me she kept making it look like she was trying to log on and could not.HARRASMENT.I went over to the other lane and checked out without any bad customer service.I reported this and said i didn't get my gift card and that i want more than a little $300.00 no one is learning to stop harrassing me in Layton UT.I called and left a message for Frank blake and michele cade called called me.Michele had april call me because i also had an disagreement with chad and his supervisoir shawn over the card not arriving and my new HARRASMENT.April just called me a liar.Mechelle never returned my call as she said she would.A lady from the claim's dept, April called and said i was telling lies it's to far fetched and tried to twist my word's.All u have to do is watch the store video/Audio and it will tell the truth.Now when i call home depot coorparate with my number that's on file it goes strait to a voice mail thank's to april at the claim's dept.Very professional.Told Michele through E mail and voicemail.Said I would receive a call sunday may 31st.More deception.

I shoped at this store since 2001, I've had many bad expereinces.I Decided to start reporting them and still nothing is hapning. Home depot in UT is a very racist place and they wont ever change and you guy's let it ride.I'm trying to not make a big deal out of this but you are not taking this seriously.Thank's Frank/Michele/April/joe cane!/Mike/Tammy/Blair.And everyone else disrespecting me and my little girl.

Jun 2, 2015

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