Home Depot / assistance in window treatment

Briley Parkway, Nashville, United States

I was in Home Depot, Nashville, TN. The store on Briley Parkway in Madison, TN. I went into the section looking for assistance in getting some vertical blinds installed. The store employee in that section clearly saw me. His name is Ben. He quite smoothly disappeared <
into another area of the store. I kept browsing, thinking he would return. First, he saw I was
African American, So, he surely did not return. Home Depot employees are notorious for their racial prejudice in assisting black customers. I have noticed this for a long time now. I will be going to Lowes for my blinds. This guy was paged to help me. He pretended he did not understand what I was explaining to him; he was clearly peeved he had to wait on me. I was really taken aback. He said, well someone will need to come out and measure your blinds and you cannot schedule that tonight. It was Sunday evening around 6:30pm. He said, I will take your name and have someone call you tomorrow. It is two days later, noone has called. This is really sad business and buyer beware. Shop at Lowes. They are much more customer friendly. This old white guy needs to take his racial hate someplace else. He is losing money for Home Depot.

Feb 25, 2014

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