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Home Delivery America came to deliver and install a dishwasher. The worker came and said I have to look at the connections first. Then he said he can't install the dishwasher because there is no separate shut off valve. When Home Delivery America called a day before delivery, it was an automated machine and you couldn't get a live person to go over everything that was needed to be done for the day of the delivery, and we had explained to Home Depot it is a condominium where we share the water and they did not have a problem with that. The installer called his company and we were talking to him and Home Depot when his company didn't want to hold on while we were seeing our options and hung up. We asked the installer what changed in the past 3 years, because when we installed a dishwasher 3 years ago, there wasn't a separate shut off valve needed. His response was it is needed now and who knows in 2 weeks he may just be delivering and not installing anymore. I explained when we got a setup call the day before there should have been someone "live" to talk to about this and go over this with us, instead of an automated machine. His response was companies don't do that anymore. I explained this is not true, Fed Ex, UPS, and doctor offices to name a couple places do this. Our choices were to get someone to put a shut off valve in and reschedule the installation, or drop off the dishwasher and get someone else to install it and get a credit back through Home Depot. We choose the latter. Then we checked the outside of the dishwasher to make sure it was okay and not dented. It was fine. I asked for the manual and installation papers. He couldn't find a manual, but found some other paper and started showing me some other language it was in. I asked his other delivery helper to leave the box and the helper took it away while we acknowledged we didn't have it installed. I asked him about this and his response was if I don't take the box some people make us come back because we left it behind. We stated what if the installer doesn't hall it away, he stated call the home depot and they will work that out with you and we will come back and take it away. He put someone from his company on the phone to verify they weren't installing the appliance and he explained they do not come back and haul the old dishwasher away. The delivery guy explained if we would like to comment here is who we can call. He mentioned to put a 5 and it is not really his fault with what happened. We called the number and explained everything to the girl Alexis, including we would like to rate the deliverer with a 1 for the lowest, and she transferred me to the supervisor who just mentioned Home Depot should have gone over the valve switch with us. I explained that Home Delivery America should have gone over this in the setup call the day before however, it was just an automated machine. He didn't want to hear that. I got a survey call about a half hour later. It stated rate the service so I rated it a 1 for the lowest and then it stated press 1 to talk to someone. I pressed 1 and I was transferred to a lady, and after about 5 or 7 minutes she hung up. I called back the original number that the delivery gave us and got the same girl Alexis that transferred me to the supervisor. I explained I was leaving a survey and wanted to make sure it was complete, while I was going over this with her she put me on hold. I asked her to please not just hand me back to the supervisor, and sure enough she did. I asked the supervisor to have her call me back and Alexis never called me back. We will never use them to deliver and install again.

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      May 01, 2015
    Home Delivery America - Electrical hookup without testing
    Home delivery America
    Secacus, NJ
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    Worst service ever, people tried hard to get the new dishwasher to work, then called manufacturer service, turned out it was hooked up to 220V, nobody checked, electronics are fried and home delivery america claims no responsibility, "there shouldn't be a 220v line". Great Job!!...

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