Home Choice Warranty / refused to repair

Celebration, FL, United States

I am absolutely disgusted with the service offered by this company; I have been with other warranty companies GE and Assured and switched to Home Choice Warranty as the price for the annual contract was offered at a much lower discount than the previous companies I had, also the call out fee was half the cost; and more items in the home were covered including a limited roof leak cover. I paid the subscription fee back in February and switched my A/C units on March 22nd the units have been serviced regularly and was in fine working order; Noticed that the temp was not getting below 81 deg so called HCW who assigned a contractor whom I had to call, contacted contractor who said he was not doing any repairs and was too busy, I was then assigned another contractor who turned up and looked at just one unit 5 days later and said it was fine without checking the downstairs unit; It was the downstairs unit that actually had the problem, We had to call HCW three times to get the Tech to come back when he did eventually turn up April 7th he said that my whole unit was useless and the whole unit need replacing he would be back with a new unit after he reported to HCW, It would cost around $3, 000K In the mean time he took the Freon out of the big unit and pumped it into the small unit; Which I understood was a no no as this Freon in a unit that has failed is contaminated with humidity and can actually cause damage; I had to call HCW on the Thursday 12th to ask what was happening and they said your claim is not covered as it was a long term problem and units cannot go bad with that short of time when a policy is taken out; I explained that the unit was fine we serviced it regularly once a year how was I to know that there was going to be a problem within a few days when I switched it on; They said that they would not be replacing or repairing the unit and thank you goodbye; I called a local tech out who came out within 24 hours of calling said that there was nothing wrong with the whole unit just the dry filter needed to be replaced, he was shocked to hear what I had been told and said I had several years life in the unit; he checked the upstairs unit as well BUT found that I had an overload of Freon in the unit so had to release some and was horrified when I told him what the other Tech had done; So $400 saw two units serviced at $65.00 each a new dry filter fitted to the non working unit Freon added and I am now working fine... I feel that HCW could have done a satisfactory repair job and that I was just blown off; I feel cheated and angry at the way I have been treated I have five homes with this company and I am regretting the day I took all the contracts out after being pursued by their sales team at how great and fantastic their company was... NOT……. I urge anyone looking at this company to warranty their home, that you check everything is running perfectly and get everything certified so you have proof that your home items are in excellent working order. ELSE when you go to claim they will throw their small print at you WE DO NOT COVER PRE EXISTING KNOWN or UNKNOWN Problems….. I feel as though HCW should at least pay back my Money spent on the local tech repair minus $130 as I elected to have the units serviced, to be certain all was fine; does anyone else agree or am I the one in the wrong?


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