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Ongoing problem, the consumer has 21 days to check the goods and return if not in working order... i purchased a split system and paid cash, believing Panasonic was a reputable product, whilst supporting small local business!

Approx. 3 months after purchasing the product and having completed renovations, i decided to install the product, only to find out that the pipes that the gas runs through was damaged, actually they didnt even join up.

To cut a long story short, the product was purchased in May 2009 and it is now February 2010 and Panasonic and Home Appliance Warehouse have told me there is nothing they can do.

Not even Consumer Affairs Victoria can come to a resolve.

Now Panasonic want me to take the product to a service centre (i tried to do this but was told sorry, we cannot help you, go back to Panasonic). Basically if their technician says the product is damaged as part of a manufacturer fault, Panasonic will pay for the service call and fix the product. If their technician says it is my fault that the product is damaged then I have to pay for the service call and have it fixed or buy a new one.

Now, I paid my money in cash $1000 and have a product that i cannot install, brand new in the box.


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