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Homcomings Financial / Mortgage

1 Chester, IL, United States

My mortgage was also sold to this company, we started having trouble with them about 2 1/2 years ago when they began raising the interest rates on our loan so high that we could no longer afford our payments. we tried to work things out to get caught back up, but their so called repayment plans conveniently did not work out and we asked them about refinancing and they said we don't finance Mobile homes (Double wides), which they held a mortgage on mine and I asked them then how did they get the mortgage on mine if they did not finance Mobile Homes, but they could not give me an answer to that question, anyway the ground was also tied up in this and that was not something that I was willing to give up with out doing everything possible to save it because it was the only thing I had left of my father after he past away was this 1 acre of ground so we sought help from a lawyer and filed a Chapter 13 to get the foreclosure stopped and we had been paying on this plan since August 2006. On May 11th 2008 there were severe storms and winds of excess of 50 miles an hour and the ground was so saturated that a huge oak tree uprooted and fell on the house destroying it. We began calling them May 13th 2 days after the disaster to let them know that the house was destroyed by a storm and even our lawyer tried contacting them to inform them of this matter and would they please accept an offer for payoff from the insurance company, meanwhile we are homeless myself, husband and two small children have no where to go except a hotel. we waited and waited for weeks on end to here from this company whether they were going to except insurance payoff cause they were requesting 13, 000.00 more than what the statement just 2weeks before showed we still owed, but we heard nothing it was seven weeks that had come and gone and finally they let us know of the exceptance of payoff they had no compassion of the fact that we are still living in this hotel and unable to make a move on finding another home until we were sure that they were going to clear up the debt. On June 30th, 2008 it was finalized, but the processing of the release of the lein they still had on our ground is still attached and when we would call we never could get in contact with anyone who took care of this part of the matter, We finally get someone willing to talk and she states the lein was processed for release on July 11th, 2008 and it would be 10 working days and it would be at the court house for recording and our bank was not going to release any money for thelending of a new home until they were certain that my land was free and clear and that the company would not renig on their agreement. We have beenliving in a Pop Up camper since the 1st of August because our insurance refused to pay for further diplacement and that it was not their fault that this mortgage company took so long in responding and caused such a delay and so we wait that any day now we will have the lein release in the mail so hopefully we can get on with our lives.

Paula from
Chester Il


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