Holmsted Jewelers / charges for unordered jewelery

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A flyer was included in a shipment that I received from when I ordered new metal mixing bowls for my daughter in law. It said I could choose two free fings for the cost of shipping and handling which was 6.99. I called and once I had ordered the two free rings many attempts were made to encourage me to purchase other items. I clearly said no to each and everyone of them. I even told the woman that I was on a fixed income and could not afford anything else. This company charged my card for two pairs of earrings which I did not order. It caused my account to become thatway overdrawn because of the insuffecient funds fees added from the bank. I am thoroughly disgusted that they would do such a thing. It's hard enough to live on six hundred ninty seven dollars a month. They have caused great hardship by doing this. I will ship these unordered rings to them by sending them so that the company must provide a signature of receipt. That way I will have proof i returned those items and that aI am entitled to a refund of my money. They should also pay the overdraft charges as well. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY PLEASE. SAVE YOURSELF A HEADACHE. THEY DO NOT WANT ANYTHING BUT YOUR MONEY.

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