Hollywood Weddings / A basic email that has taken 28 hours as it seems no one knows what they are doing

1 Malvern England Worcestershire, GB

It really beggars belief 2 more useless emails for you 5 more requests for a text completely ignored and a I truly believe you have not read my emails. I wrote an email last night saying YOU YES YOU sent an email but failed to tell me what the email was. Then sent me a text saying you have chosen a new password. "SO YOUR ARE SET" for what attempted suicide as that is now run into a 28 hour complete and utter waste of time. If someone chose and email was I was trying to get onto My email you are obvious secure.
Not one person is capable of sorting out a email I set up 3 or 4 years ago it proves Yahoo is failing behind.
Do not send we a waste of time email else I will be spending the next 28 hours on facebook etc and tell they just how useless has become.
Not even the spell check works

Apr 03, 2017

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