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My Name is Laura McKenzie and my kids and I were in you store in Duqesene, PA The 1800 location on Saturday the 5th of Dec approx. 3pm est. My kids were in ur store while i was next door getting a few things. When they came in to find me to tell me that the lady at the video store had told them that they had to leave because "there was a lot of theft going on in the store" My kids were in there for 15min and when they orginally walked in the clerk asked them where there parent was and they said next door she is coming in - in a few the clerk had no problem. Then the boys said that the manager started to follow them around and then told them they had to leave. My kids were devastated and very upset because she made this point if front of many other patrons. I asked to speak to her and told her that there was no sign out front stating the kids could not be there without a parent. The manager proceeded to tell me that it was her store and she could do what she wanted. All I wanted to understand is why there were plenty of other kids in the store and they were not asked to leave??????? I would like someone to contact me as soon as possible regarding this issue. I am very upset. The manager proceeded to tell me that she can make the rules in her store and I did become upset and she asked me to leave which I did. I would really appreciate a call.

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  • Be
      Mar 15, 2010

    Here is a number to hollywood video that has worked for me. They are rude but they stole from us so be hard as nails back. 360-450-6137. They do not answer it hollywood video just say thats who you are looking for and they will tell you that hollywood video is a client of theirs. Good luck.

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  • Hv
      Apr 21, 2010

    The (360) number mentioned above is not a number to Hollywood Video. For best results contacting Hollywood Video, call 1-877-325-8687. They are open daily from 8am - 7pm and are very friendly and helpful. If you have a problem, they are your best bet for solving it.

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