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Like many others, I am dealing with fraudulent fees assessed by Hollywood Video and being collected by National Credit Solutions. This false charge has caused my Experian credit score to be lowered by over 100 points! Go to the Federal Trade Commission site (, under Consumer Protection, and FILE A COMPLAINT. Putting the burden of proof on the consumer for a DVD rental is positively ridiculous. It's virtually impossible to prove. Best of luck to all. Keep up the fight!

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  • Kh
      Nov 22, 2010

    I looked at my credit report yesterday and found out that I supposedly owe money to Hollywood Video?? I paid that account in full for $11 two years ago. I also never received any bills from them saying I owed money nor the collection agency. I am furious!!! My credit score has dropped because of this.

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  • Am
      Nov 22, 2010

    The same thing is happening to me! I found out through my credit monitor that my score tanked over night to a 537! I was never contacted by ccs they sold it to national credit solutions and state i owe $353 for charges that came from movies and games but they refuse to give me proof. I reported them to consumer affairs and ftc And disputed it but the collectors i spoke with today Rene and Whitney in disputes state that the burden is on me to provide proof that I paid these items, there has to be something we can do?!

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  • Bw
      Nov 29, 2010

    The same thing happened to me. I never recieved any type of notification from HVD regarding these late video fees. Also, National Credit Solutions claimed that even though I returned these movies, I had to pay HVD for both the late fees and the price of the movie. How could they do this? The collection agency stated that this was in my contract, but when I asked them for a copy of the contract, they claimed they didn't need to do this. This needs to be stopped immediately!

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  • Li
      Nov 30, 2010

    This same thing happened to me. I found out from my credit monitoring service that National Credit Solutions claimed I owed $212 for unreturned rentals from Hollywood Video. The charges were from the summer of '09 and this is the first I have heard from anyone about this. All my rentals were returned. In fact, I paid a monthly fee for Powerplay which allowed you to rent without any late fees. I had extra points left over that I had accumulated due to the powerplay points I had not used when Hollywood Video closed my local store. Even though it was not logical that this could be true, I was informed that this would be reported on a weekly basis as negative information on my credit report. This is a scam and I am paying money I do not owe so I can protect my credit rating. I can't believe this can be allowed to happen.

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  • Jm
      Jan 24, 2011

    Same thing happened to me. NCS is claiming that I owe $154 to Hollywood Video for dvds that they acknowledge I returned. NCS told me that I am obligated to pay for the full price of the dvds, in addition to collection fees even though I returned them and paid the late fees as per my contract with Hollywood Video. This is a SCAM! They will not get a dime from me. I'm writing to everyone and I'm consulting a lawyer.

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  • Lo
      Jan 25, 2011

    call the ftc

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  • Sm
      Feb 06, 2011

    I also have gone through this. Now, I will tell what I did, and so you know, it is now removed from my credit report. To begin: I applied for a new credit card around December 15th, and was denied for a bad debt collection notice. After accessing my credit report I found a collection notice from NCS of Oklahoma for $180.

    First of all, look up how to write a letter denying a debt (google it, you'll find some information) Make sure to mention the FDCPA. The woman I spoke with at NCS demanded that I prove I don't owe the debt and that federal law gave them the right to demand proof. This is a lie, the FDCPA states a debt collector bears burden of proof. So if they use this tactic on you, make sure to include this in your letter. MAKE SURE TO SEND YOUR LETTER TO THE COLLECTION AGENCY AS A CERTIFIED LETTER requiring a signature.

    I also have a letter to send to the Oklahoma state attorney Generals office as well as the Indiana State Attorney Generals office. These will include all documentation from the ordeal, postings from this and other websites, as well as my certified letter receipts and return receipt. DO NOT GIVE IN, because within a week of receiving my letter ( i know the date from the return receipt of the certified letter) this collection is no longer on my credit report.

    Stand up for yourselves and if you want any tips from me please feel free to email me at S M N(number 2)[protected]@ (replace the (number 2) with 2 and remove spaces I type it like this to help reduce unwanted spam or BS)

    Good Luck

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