Hollywood Electric / mobility scooter

On October 30 2017 I went into Hollywood Electric to purchase a new mobility scooter for myself. I am 70year old above the knee amputee and the NEW scooter was to give me mobility. I wheeled myself into Hollywood and explained my needs quite clearly. Because I was moving from Albert St to Allard St. I had to deal with Bruce St. hill. I wanted a machine that had more power and larger wheels for a better ride. Size in my apartment is an issue so I stated that it be no bigger than the machine I had. I also asked that they not put the Hollywood logo on it as they do not pay me to advertise for them. I paid $2000.00 in cash and they gave me $300.00 for my used machine so in effect I am out $2300.00. Hollywood brought my new scooter after waiting 3 weeks but unfortunately they lied and it was bigger than my old one and would not fit on the elevator so I could not get it up to my apartment. I called Hollywood immediately And they came back and after a lot of trying had to admit that I was right so they came back again and took that scooter. Unfortunately they took my trade in scooter when they dropped it off and did not bring it back that night so I was left for a month with no mobility at all. 4 weeks later Joe himself brought me a used scooter even though they had my money for a new one, that was totally not what I wanted so he took that back. I told him what I wanted and that wasn't it so he took it back again leaving me with no mobility . A couple of weeks later he came back with another used machine that wasn't suitable finally he brought another that again was used and he charged me my whole $2300.00 for. This scooter was totally unsafe. The tires are wxorn doqn, the lights did not work, the seat wobbles back and forth and the steering is dangerous. Of course I complained however he left it and said he would be back to fix the lights etc. He never came back. My daughter's tried to get the situation rectified but he threatened to sue me because I put a negative review on his web site. He blacked out my comments and stocked his site with only favorable ones. I would like to have Hollywood come good for this purchase or return my money. No used machine is worth $2300.00 .

Jun 09, 2018

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