Hollywood Beach Hotels / Disgrace of a hotel

1 1915 N. Ocean Dr., Hollywood, CA, United States
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This hotel which is actually 6 hotels is a disgrace. I'm a two and a half week stay I encountered more than I thought I would. The general manager named Gerald would take it upon himself to go across the street throughout the day and smoke marijuana with a resident. The head maintenance named Johnathan brought his family to swim in the pool while he drank alcohol on the clock. But I died drinking while I'm the clock was not a big deal for that staff. The night guy, Francesco was outside drinking alcohol and talking about all the ways it is easy to steal from the place because everything is so ancient and how people's credit cards are not secure there. Funny he would say that and I find out he has been arrested for credit card fraud. And if you can't find half the staff, all you have to do is go over the the establishment Sea Turtle where they take the women and men they want to sleep with. They need to watch who they talk about in whatever language because just because a person doesn't speak Spanish doesn't mean they don't understand it. I watched one of the cleaning staff having someone pick her up and loading bags full of stuff that she has retrieved from the rooms. The lady Notosha openly talked trash about someone by the bar Donna. Talking about how she does nothing and is the owners pet and some lady named Tesha saying she is lazy and that is why they don't need to hire any more blacks. Speaking this in Spanish around someone you thought didn't understand doesn't make it right!!! I witnessed women outside fighting naked right in front of the office not once..but twice but there times but they continued to let them stay and disturb other decent guest. They had a drunk guy with guitar making commotion and their reply to that was his money is good that's all that matters. There is so so much that I witnessed throughout my stay that I could go on and on. The owner surely has no idea that all of this goes on. I started snapping photos and recording conversations because it was so much. This hotel is not being run down by the customers it is by the front staff who let anything and everything go on here and charge everyone a different price so they can get better commission.

Jun 29, 2015

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