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I was in Four Seasons mall this past weekend in Greensboro, NC shopping with 2 of my 4 children. We had a good shopping experience from the 3rd floor down untill we got to the Hollister store. Please keep in mind that I have 4 children ages ranging from 6-13.

Upon entering the Hollister store, I was already tired from shoppping with the 6 year old and the 12 year old for the 3 hours previous. The smells were strong, the graphics were offending, it was dark and we could not find a sales associate. With all of this in mind, my 12 year old insisted that we look for a bit. She found several items to try on but, we could find no one to open a dressing room. After searching, I found someone to open up the dressing room. My daughter tried on clothes for some time with me helping her get new sizes (not the sales team)and found items to purchase. We went to the register but, there were 15 people in line. At this point, I went to find another associate to see if she/ he could open a 2nd register. The person whom I asked happened to be a manager. She was standing in the back room talking to 2 other associates. When I asked her about opening another register, she immediately took the defensive and just said "NO" rather loudly and that everyone was busy in their zones. I replied that there would be no one to be busy with if she didn't make her sales and that 3 people were out of zones talking to her in the back. She replied rudely that She didn't try to tell me how to run my business, so I shouldn't tell her how to run hers. She, as a 20 +/- year old manager continued to be very disrespectful to me and finally threatned to call the mall police if I didn't leave her store.

I am a 40 year old woman who has worked in the GAP, OLD NAVY and a large department store in Virginia called Globmans in my younger years. I would never have been disrespectful to a customer much less someone that was older as well as about to buy $200.00 plus in my store. I was very embarrassed -actually beyond embarrassed by the manager in Hollister and I plan NEVER to shop there again. This kind of employee is what gives a store and eventually a mall its bad name. Regular law abiding citizens do not want go through anything like this- especially not with their children present. This is why we will never shop at any Hollister again. I sincerely hope that someone reads this email and understands that I am writing this as a very concerned adult and former shopper of Hollister.

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  • Ni
      15th of Feb, 2010

    While I understand why you are upset there's a few things that bother me about your story. The first is the fact that you use your children as a crutch. They really had nothing to do with the story and if you were so tired our from shopping with them maybe you should not have gone into the store at all. Secondly, asking an associate to open up another register is incredibly rude. Yes, the manager could have handled the situation better, but waiting in line never killed anybody either. It amazes me to no end how impatient people can be nowadays. For all you know the associates she were talking to could have been off work or more than likely were working and had a different task they needed to perform besides ringing on register. Next you cite your retail experience as a reason for why you know you are right and said manager was wrong, but every story is run differently. Lastly you continuously mention the girls age as an issue as well. While experience does matter, this is not a fair judgment. Ageism does exist and can be just as hurtful as racism or any other stereotype. Just because this one manager was young and did not handle the situation well does not mean every twenty something is unfit to be a manager at a store. Conversely, just because you are 40 doesn't mean your opinion is the end-all-be-all in this situation. Lastly, you can smell the store before you enter it so if that bothers you then don't go in. You always have the option of shopping online.

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  • Mo
      6th of Jan, 2011

    Agree, agree, agree - I have spent the last dollar that I ever will at a Hollister Co store wtih mediocre goods and terrible customer service. Same experience - the supervisor was worse than the already terrible cashier!

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  • Da
      22nd of Aug, 2011

    hey I sent this to Hollister CO 3 weeks ago and no comment back>>>>>>>

    Hi my name is Jeremy, and I would like to say a few things. First thing: I was shopping at your Waterbury CT store and when I was finished and got home, the security device was still on my clothing. When I went back to the store the same day the girl at the desk said to me, “I forgot to take it off and I was about to go after you when you left, but I figured you would have to come back.” I was like, “are you kidding me?”  So that was screwed up. This was on 8-17-2011.
    Then today 8-19-2011 I went to the Milford / Post Road CT store and was disappointed again. The selection is fine. That’s not the problem. I saw a rack with a sign 40% off. On the rack were plaid shirts and two kinds of hoodies. I saw the blue, brown button, hoodie that I liked very much. I tried it on and loved it. When I went to purchase 5 items, one had a hole in the leg of the sweats and that blue, buttoned, hoodie was not 40% off. I showed the girl at the desk the rack and she said, “I think 40% off is only for the plaid shirts?”  I said “that’s pretty misleading if you ask me, why are they on the same rack if they are not 40% off?”  So the girl told the manager and she said, “yeah, only the plaid shirts.”  Then she went back to texting on her phone. I thought “thanks but no thanks.”  I went from wanting to purchase 5 items and left with 2. I was not happy.
    I shop at Hollister a lot. I love the cloths. I shop on line mostly because there is a better selection then the stores. I just believe that these simple common sense things should be fixed.
    I will not be going back to the Waterbury CT store any time soon. They left really bad taste.  

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  • Ml
      25th of Sep, 2011

    I totally agree, I had placed and order online an had ordered the wrong sizes for my two daughters, so instead of sending it back for and exchange I had decided to take the item to Hollister at Four seasons mall in Greensboro NC. I was getting the exact same thing just smaller sizes, The young lady checking me out had to call a manager because it was saying that I owed money. The manager came and probably the same one the other lady was referring to, she was about 20, and very rude. I had asked what her name was and it was Tara, well I'm here to tell you that Tara with her short booty shorts and rude attitude needed to be working somewhere that does not deal with the public, because she will hurt there business. I am a 47 year old professional and I cant remember a time when I have be spoken to in that manner, After Tara finished the transaction and being so rude to me, the sales associate checking me out apologized to me. I have two teenagers and I spend alot of money in Hollister, but I have spent my last dollar in that store.

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