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Do not do business with this company. I attended a presentation with an unrelated company and holiday travel of america was the company that was supposed to honor a vacation & travel package. They say they "never received any voucher" from me. I literally took a photo of the actual voucher before I sent it off. I forwarded them the image which they could easily verify with the company I received it from had they felt the need to. They just continue to lie and say they "never received anything" and can not honor it because they supposedly do not have the voucher in hand. This is complete bs. What the reality of the matter is, is that they do not want to honor anything they don't have to so they do not have to spend the money. They will find any excuse to not have to pay out for what they are supposed to do. I have pictures and proof, and yet they still do not want to honor it.
Stay away from this company. As you can see in other reviews they do this to myself and many other customers frequently. Pure scam.

Jan 15, 2017

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