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Holiday Club Packages / False Advertising

1 South Africa

In 2003 we were called by a representative from Equtac saying that we had won a prize and that we were requested to attend one of their meetings to claim our prize. Foolishly my husband and I went to the meeting and signed on after being told that we had to give a ONCE OFF PAYMENT for a lifetime of holiday pleasure at discounted prices. Unfortunately as soon as we were able we started trying to book vacations and to our displeasure every effort was made to disallow us our request since we had bought to few point! After two years of paying our levies and after losing approximately R17 000.00, we decided to call it quits. I phone for quotations for someone to buy the points from us. They quoted us R142.00 per point, at that stage we had 9! After many confrontations with the laywers who requested payment from us for our last levies I wrote them a letter of dissatisfaction. To this day I still receive calls from RCI, Holiday Club, Equtec and all manner of Associates trying to sell me the same thing! I have requested that they take my number off their lists, but to no avail! All these EMPTY promises have left me very sour at all these schemes and scams that go around. I still have the documentation, but now at least feel a little better at having vented myself in this way. I doubt whether we would ever see any resolution to this problem. They apparently have very good laywers who find ways to make other people disappear without receiving a sent for their trouble. Hopefully nobody else would ever be this foolish! Please be warned, you can lose a lot of money in the process!

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