Holiday Automotive Service / Car damaged while in their care

The AAA certified repair shop in anderson, sc ( Holiday Automotive Service ) damaged my car to the extend my insurance company had to pay to fix the damage. (Shattered windshield, numerous dents big enough that chipped the paint).
The owner Dave Edwards was very sarcastic about it when I spoke to him. I was very polite but he couldn't have cared less as long as he got his money.
They treat cars here VERY ROUGH! If you have a nice car, don't take it here. Also, don't take it to Piedmont Chrysler/Honda. The shop managers are both good buddies. I don't anyone here personally drives a car that is worth over $20.They also leave the cars unlocked out on the road for anyone to steal or strip. According to the owner, he is not responsible reguardless if it occurred in the garage or on the lot. BAD BUSINESS MAN!!!


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