Holden cruze 2010 / Wait time & customer service

1 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Contact information:
Phone: 0423337027

My partner & I purchased a brand new 2010 Holden Cruze 14 months ago. We asked for weather shields to be fitted. They are an extra feature and we still haven't received them. As far as we know Holden still isn't even making them. In all the time of owning the vehicle we have had 2 phone calls from Holden regarding the weather shields. 3 weeks after bringing the car home a light kept flashing up saying there was a problem with the seat belt tensioners and the airbags. We took it in to be repaired and then not even a week later the same light start popping up again. We took the car back for a second time and were told to stop jumping on the seats. We were made to feel that we were doing something wrong. 2 weeks later the same light popped up, this time we ignored it for a month. We then got a letter from Holden telling us there was a default and to bring it back in so they could repair it. We have spent a couple of hundred dollars on phone calls chasing them up and fuel driving backwards and forewords to repair the car. Their customer service is shocking! As soon as we can we are selling the car and never going to Holden again!

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