Hoirzon Gold credit card / rip off Hoirzon Gold credit card

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I applied for a credit card with Horizon Gold & got it, now I have poor credit but they let me with a 500 dollar credit line, & then I a letter with the cards info the #, te expiration date & the code #, but no card, thought it was one of those cards that have load money on to it to get money out & I throe it up & throw it away, I got a call from them asking it I got it & said, yes & they said that was a real card & that could charge on up to 2000 thouson dollars, so I when back & got the letter out of the trash, and when I had toren it right threw the code #, but I used at same place's that only ask for the expiration date, but one would take it but most wants the the code # & took it 1 day then the next they don't, I called the get the code & they said, they couldn't that & I would to report the card stolen or lost which I did, but that's weeks ago & no card or letter, I never had the card to start with, but thought I would get a letter, so I called & the phone it had been disconnected, so I was looking at my bank statement & saw that they had charged with 95.00 dollars & another company with sane name charged with 29.95 for a store card with Horizon Gold, so that's $124.95 just to open that card's, well I have tried 4 or 6 # I found for the Horizon card the real credit card all been disconnect, & is any body out there has their # please let me know..NOW HERE"S IS THE KICKER, had my Social Security check deposed in the bank but had change it to come at my new address to a paper check, but I change back to electric & the first time it was to back to the bank they left one of the zero's, & I called the bank & they said, it was there but it was in holding & they saw what had happened & they let them know that's what happened & they added the zero add the check when into my account, but they said to call SS & let them know, so that wouldn't happen again, so I called, when I told them what had happened thay looked up SS# & said, that I didn't have the address I was at IT BEEN CHANGED TO A BANK IN GA. & I would have to go down to a SS office & change it back, I said, HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN & they said, if I had given my info for a loan that it may have happened, & I SAID WELL THEY GO DOWN WHY DO I, then a supervisor got on the phone & couldn't NOT BELEAVE IT COULD HAPPEN & he change it bank to my account, and they ask it I would be available to give a testimonial on THIS IS A FEDREAL CRIME & I SAID, YES YES, so this bank was getting people's check's their checks direct deposited, into their bank HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, for a credit card company to do that, WELL THE FED"S KNOW it just are they going do anything about it, well I filed FRAUD paper on then threw my bank & they gave me back my money because I have Master Card & they go after people like that & they got my money bank before by just calling the company telling that's what are going to do, & they give me back my money, even it says, no refunds, Master Card will sue their grand kids & take the money out of their collage funds it they have too.. Sorry this took so long I had to get it out there, email me will any info charles.[protected]

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