Hoilday package / Refund of payment

1 India

We were on a holiday in Goa, when we were approached by a sales rep of the company offering us a scratch card gift. on doing so he informed us that we have won the highest possible prize and to know hat it is and to claim it we will have to come along with him to their office . On reaching the office, we were told that the prize will be revealed and and given only if we agreed to a one hour presentation. we were completely brainwashed in the presentation into buying a expensive holiday package and were convinced to sign an agreement at a very short notice and swipe our credit card to make an initial payment of INR 29, 000/- Following which we were told that we had also won a 3 day stay in their home resorts as per the scratch card promotion. What a let down after being constantly suggested that we might have won the ipad2. This is ambush marketing and a scam just to lure non suspecting people into committing to unreasonable and nonviable holiday options.

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