[Resolved] Hoem depotNo rules?

If You wnet on parental leave will you still have your position back? When searching on rules of any companies that You should, but in my case no i was actually demoted. Also my schedule drop to 8 hours a week. Will i be surprise if alot of ppl have quit when i get back? Then they expect you to work so hard and meet the creteria of being the number one sales again. Wow when is that going to happen when the good cashiers left bcuz of the management treatments..What to do? I talked to one of d employe about my schedule who have been there long and he told me that i should suck up to getmore hours, noway im not that kind of person. If they dont follow the rules this would go to LB.

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    All i want is get my position back and get as much hours what i had when i left for parental leave. Are they punishing me bcuz i am the person to fight back when i know im right? I am telling you our HR is not doing her job, all she does is sit on her [censor]. I had co plain about the manager one time and she told me that she will get back to me with in a week. Leaving on parental leave she still didnt get back to me. I told myself oh well maybe when i get back i might hear it. Now that im back wow what a punish they are giving me. Not enough hours and didnt get my position back. I worked my [censor] off while pregnant running around like crazy and never complaint, mainwhile when i got back one of the headcash was also pregnant and dang all she did was sit on her [censor]. All i asked for is my hours and position back.

Jan 05, 2015

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