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We feel compelled to report to you the most unprofessional handling of a customer complaint that we can imagine.

We bought a subaru through costco / hodges subaru ferndale mi. The vehicle had 37, 018 miles on it. It was due for service including an oil change and we were taking a family vacation from michigan to colorado, so I took our vehicle in to hodges subaru in ferndale mi. They changed the oil and told me that I was all set that I didn't need anything else, just and oil change and filter.

We started our trip and soon heard a continuous loud "metal on metal" sound when the car was moving. I inspected the wheels and saw that a rear rotor was totally scored and no brake pad was visible.

With only a short distance left to go, using the engine gears to get to our destination we arrived safely and called the nearest subaru dealership flowers subaru in montrose co. , which was 3 hours away. They immediately took me in and gave me a loner car to get home. They were great - a full 10. They said one brake pad was totally worn out and scored the rotor badly but the other three still had life left. They repaired our vehicle in one day and performed a multipoint inspection. They also found that the exhaust had a small rust leak. I asked why the michigan dealership didn't see these items and their response, reluctantly was ". . . I don't know - they should have seen these problems".

Upon returning to michigan I visited hodges subaru to advise them of the unsafe position they put us in. I went to the owner, bill garcia. Bill was not interested in my story, he did not ask any questions about my experience, he only looked at the receipt I had and despite the fact I asked for the service department to check out my car for the trip he said "you only got an oil change - if we checked the brakes on every oil change we would never get anything done. " our conversation went downhill from there. His response to the dealership in montrose was "i don't know why he would throw us under the bus".

I realized he didn't care about what happened, the unsafe trip we experienced, nor showed any concern that his service men did not look over the car.

In my frustration my response was "how could I trust that I was getting good service if you don't check the car when I bring it in, especially with 37, 000 miles on it and knowledge it was going on a long trip. If that's how you service cars I can't bring my car back here for service!" with that he stood up and said "well if your not bring your car back here, your are wasting my time - get out!" where upon, he virtually threw me out of his office.

Please note in all of this exchange I never asked for, or intimated, that I was looking for any monetary return. I was concerned for a safe operation of a vehicle and proper service. Hodges expressed neither.

As I composed this letter I received an email from him which I am sharing with you below. While he apologizes for the incident in the email please note that he has me going back to you for warranty relief.

Hodges receipt shows them as a stellar performer and connected with costco. Is this how costco normally expects its dealers to service and treat their customers? Please notice in his email that he send me back to the factory to beg for warranty relief - certainly not a dealer that represents their customers.

Carol and thomas friesen
1535 maryland blvd.
Birimngham mi. 48009

Email from bill garacia: part owner of hodges subaru

To me, gregk

Hello mr. Friesen,

I felt compelled to send you an e - mail to apologize for the way I treated you the other day. I showed you a lack of respect and for that I am truly sorry. I have felt remorse from the time we parted company that day, yet due to the lack of respect I exhibited towards you I was apprehensive to reach out to you. I know you have already stated that you will not conduct business with hodges subaru again, but as a one time customer of ours you deserved better treatment then I gave you. I have discussed your brake situation with our service manager and we feel that those brakes should have been covered by subaru as a goodwill gesture as you were only 2, 000 mile out of the new car warranty. I would encourage you to contact subaru of america @ [protected] and request some assistance with the brake repairs. I'm sure you'll have some feedback to give them in regards to the treatment you received from me, and for that i'll reap what I sowed. Once again I want to offer you my sincerest apology and thanks for being a patron of ours.

Regards, bill garcia

Aug 24, 2016

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