HMSHost / burger king #4138 iroquois rest stop april 29 at 4:05

United States

My Oder taker Brandon was very polite and treated me kindly, although when I got my food I was wrung up wrong as I only wanted one fry and not two. I was going to Dismiss it as not a big deal but my fries were barely like warm. And if your gonna charge me thruway price I'd like hot fries. So I brought them up and asked for hot fries. The lady with no apology took them and felt them and threw them away after 2 mins she said I'll bring em out. So I sat and watched as she TASTED THE FRIES OUT OF THE BIN AND DIDNT THROW THE REST AWAY. Just to see if they weren't hot. I just asked for my money back I got no apology, no one really said anything to me. And me and my mother in laws whopper for $6 was ice cold. It's sad the lack of customer service on the thruway where people are tired and hungry and just trying to get where they're going. They lost my business for the next 7 months as I'll be traveling back and forth a lot. I'll pack my dinner instead. Also there is a creepy old guy who stands at the garbage can doing nothing and watches people at this location. Yet the high chairs are DISGUSTING AND THE CONDIMENT STANDS DIRTY, he should really be paid to work not stand there. And this has been witnessed twice at this location, so creepy.

May 1, 2017

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