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I have been a customer of HMS for several years, and every time I use them, I am frustrated by their terrible customer service and slow response times. They prey on people’s fears, but I will not be victim to them any longer. I live in a town of 25, 000 people. There are plenty of repair companies in my phone book. But every time I call HMS with a claim, it seems they only have one repair company in the area, and that company is booked. I have asked them several times to work to have more contractors lined up, but they haven’t. Today, the customer service rep I spoke with named “Quantina” told me that they only have one service company in my area. I asked her why not more, and her response was “A lot of companies don’t want the hassle of dealing with us. They would rather work on their own.” Well, if they experience the same frustrations with HMS that I do, I can understand why. So here I sit with a plumbing leak and no one here to fix it. Meanwhile, HMS has the $450 I paid them for my contract and hasn’t done anything to make sure I get the timely service I deserve. The only thing I get from their warranty is a guarantee I will be frustrated.

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      Feb 20, 2009

    I agree wholeheartedly. I had a stove that needed to be fixed. They kept telling me that they had faxed the work order to the company that was supposed to fix it. However, the company said that they did not. This went on for about ten months and I was certain that it was HMS that was stalling. (The repair company had in the meantime done other work for me and they were always pleasant and on time.) Finally, I called and told the service person at HMS that if the fax didn't arrive this time I planned to file a complaint with the BBB, the FTC, and the Local and National realtors associations (as well as a few other consumer agencies). What do you know!!! The fax arrived at the repair service this time. The people that serviced my stove told me that it needed to be replaced (which I'm sure that HMS already knew or suspected) and that they had sent in the order for that.
    HMS then denied my claim and told me that they wouldn't pay for it. I am in the process of drafting the aforementioned complaint letters and an appeal.

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