HJR Investors/Apartment rental / gouging/slumlords

1 2621 W. Atkinson Ave., Milwaukee, WI, US
Contact information:
Phone: 414-447-1616

Firstly, let me say that I'm appalled. These people do not pre-screen their tenants for creditworthiness, nor income. Why would they? Their properties are in a low income, high crime area of Milwaukee. Instead they prey on the very young, poor, uneducated and indigent. Everyone needs to be responsible and pay rent but there is no excuse for gouging and feeding of off the poor. If you are five days late, you are charged an astronomical sum of $75 dollars. ( a little high for the hood) and they will haul you into small claims court after being ten days late and sue you. They will tack on court costs in addition to outrageous late fees. By this time, the person has paid their rent leaving the judge to leave case open to pay the additional, unnecessary court costs. I find this frivolous. Check the Wisconsin circuit court access website at for approximately 25 and counting frivolous eviction suits this past year. They also haven't been in business for 27 yrs. I suspect they've just purchased the company last year. The previous owners sued maybe one or two people over a period of lets say 26 yrs? Who else would be stupid enough to use these extreme tactics? It's only going to lead their properties into foreclosure. No tenants. No rent. By the time the person is hit with all of this, they can't get ahead because they really can't afford the high rent in the first place! Now the Ransby's (Horace & Jovita) don't actually follow the laws. In order to save on costs of obtaining the sheriff's services to properly evict someone, they just gather up all their family and physically force the ignorant tenant out with ghetto street threats. These people need to get to a LANDLORDS CLASS! They are commonly known for just changing the locks while you're at work. Jovita Ransby has problems with her memory because she can't remember what you tell her ever! I don't even want to mention the condition of the apartment ether. Just guess..garbage, broken windows, moss in the basement, deadly mold, etc. In fact, an infant passed away in one of there units and I'm investigating via building inspector to see if there is a safety hazard. Please don't rent from these people. They have issues and should never have gone in this business without being educated. I will be sure and attempt to educate their current tenants as well as future ones.

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