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Hivelocity / Why I'll never use HiVelocity Again

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I couple of weeks ago I was in need for a dedicated server, for my file hosting site. Now I needed the site as asap, so I even took the weekend off work just so I can work on the server and make sure everything is up and running.

So I found hivelocity by searching through the net and it had pretty good prices so, before I bought the server from Hivelocity I specifically asked how long will it take to setup the server and they told me it would be 24 hours. So I went and bought the server from them believing I would have it by saturday evening. So the next day around the same time I checked whether my server was online but it wasnt, I contacted support and asked them whats going on. This is what really irritated me..

I spoke to the same guy i spoke to the day before when buying the server. I asked him when my server would be online and he said its gonna be another 6 hours. So I told him what he told me yesterday.. he said it would take 24 hours. He then claimed he doesn’t remember saying how long it took when I could CLEARLY remember he did, I wouldn’t of bought the server if I didnt ask. And then after arguing with him he went and checked his records and turned around and said yes 24 hours was an estimate. First of all, why on earth would you say you don’t remember that conversation and then the next second change your words.. he never said 24 hours was a rough estimate.

So even after that I waited that 6 extra hours (so I would have been 6AM in the UK), I came woke up the next morning around 12PM (so its now been 12 hours) to find the server still wasn’t online. I went back onto support and then they said I have to wait upto ANOTHER 16 hours!

Now if I knew i would have to wait this long I would have just canceled my order there and then but I was reluctant enough to wait thinking that it may come online within the next few hours. The server went online the next afternoon! (Monday afternoon) So instead of their 24 hours they told me it took almost 72 hours!

I didnt even login to the account to check whether the server was online or not.. i went straight to support and asked them to cancel my account and give me a refund. They had no problem canceling my account, but they never gave me a refund saying its part of the T&C not to give refunds for dedicated servers.

So let me sum this up… I was told I would get a server within 24 hours which i didn’t… i was lied to.. i took 2 days off of work…and then paid $165 for A SERVER WHICH I NEVER USED!

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