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offered web services for a 1200.00 fee. Promised a site, data base and design in 4 weeks. After 5 months, no follow up, 39 phone calls to their office...over 40 emails, no return info until the last payment was stopped by my bank. Only to ask why I didn't make the last payment. What a freaking joke they are. Honestly don't think anyone in the company knows ###. Unprofessional, will not return calls. Told 5 monthes later that project was not to be started until it was paid for.. Not told that up front. Found the software for 49.95 on check their site, this is where their database software comes from.. Check back will post many of their associates and contacts, they do rogue work and echo the fact that HIT is extremely crooked in their practices.. Stay the f...k away!

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