Hirsha BhattChange of seat and food drink

My second flight ek404 on the 18 th Jan 2017
From Dubai to Singapore
My seat number was changed by your staff because someone probably a Friend needed it
I had booked that seat as I suffer from hypertension and I know that babies are always there crying.
I had booked seat 73 but my seat was changed to 62
Why do you people do that. We are paying enough
For the ticket. Whole 8 hours kids cry cry
Vegetarian food. Try eating paneer/ tofu and rice
Does it sound good .
Another thing is that vegetarians get their food first
Then wait until the whole flight get food and then get drinks. Keep your tray until all is cleared
Bad terrible service. Nothing is offered by your staff
During the flight
Even a glass of water one must get up.
HD the same problem on my flight singapore to uk on the 27 Dec 2016
Seats numbers get changed why because ?????

Jan 20, 2017

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