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Hindustan Construction Company Ltd / Wrong repair of vehicle

1 India


Our vehicle Mh-06 6544 Totaota Qualis was having a mis firing in the month of March 2011.

So we send our vehicle to Millenium Toyota in Mumbia who is the authorised service centre.

Mr. Rakesh was the technical head and assisted by Mr. Tarun of Millenium toyoata. Initially

they told that all the four plugs has to be replaced. So we asked them to replace the plugs.

Then again they came back saying that all the HT cables has to be replaced. So we asked them

why is it that every time you come up with defferent things. But still we said to change the HT

cables. Still the mistake was not rectfied. then they told that we will send the injectors for

sevicing. We were now really getting impatient as the vehicle was more than a week now

with the sevice centre. After servicing the injectors they came back saying that they are not

able to identify the real problem and they need some more time. Finally they said the

problem was with fuel pump and we need to replace the fuel pump. This was the last blow to

us. But we had no other option except to say yes to them. After replacing the fuel pump they

told the vehicle was ready. It took almost twenty days for them to finish all the work. After

we got back the vehicle the very next day we found that the vehicle was having the same

problem. There was a thick white smoke which comes when the vehicle starts and the smell

of unburnt fuel was coming. Alos the vehicle was vibrtaing a lot. We informed the service

centre immediately and the vehicle was send back again. They kept the vehicle there for three

days saying that the battery has to be replaced and the starter had a problem. But the actual

problem of misfiring and vibration with unburnt fuel was not solved. We spend almost Rs

32000/ for the entire work of replacing the plugs, HT cables and fuel pump. Also serviced the

injector and the starter ans spend Rs 32000/-. But till today the problem is not solved. We

have called the customer service at Millenium Toyota in Mumbai and registered our compalit

but the response was negative.

With these kind of authoirsed service centres in India, we are sure that Toyota woudl be

losing its customers in India as there are lt of other car makers lile Tata, Renault, Volks wagon

and Mahendras, Hyundai who re offering much better serveice.

We have gone through a lot of menatal agony. Lost a lot of money. We request you to kindly

take up this issue at utmost importance and get us our vehicle repaired at no extra cost as we

have gone through a lot of mental agony and financial loss. Your quick action would help us

to gain back the faith that we have in Toyota. looking forward to your positive reply.


Hamshire Rodrigue

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