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HiLLCrest Nursing Home(Hollywood Fl) / yerks and anderson

United States, Hollywood Review updated:
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Hillcrest Nursing Home(Hollywood Fl)
4200 Washington St
Honestly where should I start this has been going on to long and are voices needs to be heard. Working at Hillcrest it is somewhat of a dictarship Yerks and Anderson have ABOSOLUTLEY NO RESECT FOR THERE WORKERS AND WORKING CONDITIONS ARE HORRIBLE!!! Hillcrest nursing home needs to change and no one is doing anything about it...LEGAL ACTION WILL SOON COME IF THERE IS NO CHANGE COMES AND I DO HAVE PROOF AND WITNESS OF THE ACTIONS THAT IS TAKING PLACE AT HILCREST NURSING


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A  29th of Jul, 2009 by 
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There are many complaints I've heard about Yerks and Anderson (not just in FLORIDA but in CONNECTICUT as well). Out of all of the complaints, however, this one stands out the most! It's not often that one would see this on this site BUT finally someone has stood out among the rest and let their voice be heard. To whoever reads this, this situation MUST be handled!!! Hear their cry and dissolve the PROBLEM immediately!
N  29th of Jul, 2009 by 
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Hey Its True!!! They need to fire those ###!!! Anderson and Yerks caused my friend to have a stroke!!! We need to reunite and conclude this awful situation!!!
N  29th of Jul, 2009 by 
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And put ### in yerks's car just how they did in connecticut!! then she'll leave u guys alone !!!
N  13th of Aug, 2010 by 
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You ladies need to grow up and be professional about it. Putting crap in her car was a cowardly act, be women/men about about it and complain to her, and if she don't listen go to whoever is in charge of her, and if that person don't listnen, move up the ladder on people who should be contacted. Also, their is chanel 7 news-help me howard or carmal on the case that you all can contact, and that will force them to change whatever negative things they may be doing. I worked at a hotel, and when I felt that I couldn't complain to the manger, I contacted the corporate office, and they then took matters into their hands. Remember, P.U.S.H. = pray until something happens, and keep praying afterwards. God can help all of us, with whatever we may go through. Hope everything gets better from you all.
A  3rd of May, 2011 by 
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Horrible, inhumane. My father's condition deteriorated because of the neglect he received at this facility. He died 5.5 months later when he could have lived longer. Unfortunately this was the only rehab place available when he was being discharged from the hospital. DO NOT put your loved one here. The nurses dont care. They dont follow up. They dont pay attention to the patients. The food is disgusting and very little. The place is dirty. Bathroom are disgusting. Nurses dont respond when the patients call. The staff has an attitude. They put a small bucket of water in the morning and never bother to come back and fill it up. The water tastes disgusting. The place should be shut down. IF you had a loved one at this facility and had problems. REPORT THEM TO AHCA. I DID. Do not allow them to get away with it. These people should not be in business. Any website you search for them will tell you that they have a 1 star rating. I would not even give them 1 start. They dont deserve any star. There are a lot of other places in the area you can go to. Be careful. Be very concerned if you have to put someone in this place.
A  29th of Sep, 2011 by 
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Please do not put your love one in this horrible facility. Lots of mistakes happen and if not on top of it, your loved one will suffer. My family member was given medication that should have been on hold because of his condition. The nurses don't talk to family about condition. Patients that are confused are not seen for hours. It is very sad. Do your best to sent loved one somewhere else. CMS gave this facility 1 star only.
N  3rd of Oct, 2013 by 
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You think working there is bad, try being a patient, My mother was there short term she had hip replacement. Thank god it was short term, the worst place I ever seen !!! The staff is a horrible. They all need to be retrained, the aids standing texting in the hallways not paying attention to any of the poor people in there beds or sitting in wheelchairs for hours at a time. My mother would get water in the morning at 7am and no one would come back to refill or even see if she needed something for the rest of the day. If I didn't go everyday to see her lord knows what would of happen to her. Listen if you have a family member already there, go check the room where they get the water! Open the door like I did and there was two nurses aids on there cell phones. Yes I was changing sheets and refilling water for my Mother, I had to do there jobs because they where to busy laughing at the end of the hall in a circle of 4 to 5 standing around showing there pictures on there cell phone to each other. And the dope that runs the place is no better. Well I can go on and on about this DUMP the State of Florida should step up and shut it down. DON'T BRING ANY FAMILY MEMEBERS TO HILLCREST IN HOLLYWOOD FLORIDA.

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