HillBilly Deluxe Recycling & Salvage / He is cheating the state, county and federal taxes

1 United States

There is a man in Spencer West Virginia who is running a buisness named Hillbilly Deluxe Recycling & salvage. He has no buisness license and is paying cash and recieving cash. but us claimimg taxes and claiming more loss then income. The owner is Jeff and he has his buisness posted on his trucks and has a dot number the buisness is located at 222 Speed Rd. Spencer WV 25276. He is claiming that the owner is his mother, she was working for the state and collecting disability she does all of his taxes and banking. He is also trying for disability and is collecting food stamps and a medical card. Which he should not be, two years ago he filled that he made over $300, 000 income. He was the owner of a towing business named Alvis Towing. He sold the business and is using the same dot number his main income is hauling scrap to R & J recycling. He has several people working for him who are receiving cash money. He is very good at lying cheating and decieving people. He is cheating the state, county and federal taxes.


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