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First off, allow me to give a little dissertation on this issue. My family and I were in the market for a new (and first) RV so we went to the ONLY RV dealership in our area (we live in the UP of Michigan - a rural area). After sitting through five different salespersons, we finally got one's attention enough to show us some units.

Due to limits on our tow vehicle, we were limited to a few select trailers. We finally chose a 2008 Starcraft QB2400 even though my wife was in love with a bigger unit. When we got home we discussed the option of buying a new truck so we could get the bigger unit. I called the "salesperson" at Hill Top and asked for a "bottom line" price on the other unit. Finally being practical, we told the salesperson that we would be buying the first unit. We went back to get the final pricing details, and again were shuffled off to three different salespersons, including the sales manager. We went and got financed though our credit union and went to our "appointment" to sign the paperwork. After standing around like idiots, we were finally directed to the "finance manager." He started by declaring that we had extended warranty options. When asked why we weren't informed of these when we asked for the "bottom line" pricing he informed us that we were supposed to see him prior to financing. When I grabbed the check back from him and asked for our deposit back he went and got the sales manager, who then proceeded to tell us that it was our "fault, because we were wishy-washy" on what unit we wanted, even though we sat down with him and signed a contract. Long story short, we went to South Carolina to buy a 2009 StarStream unit with the same floor plan.

When we got home (1200 miles) we noticed that the screen door did not close properly (an issue we did not notice at the dealer) and called StarCraft warranty, who directed us to . . . Hill Top RV (remember, they are the only RV dealer in the entire 300 mile area). Well, guess what? They refused to service our warranty issue because we did not buy the unit from them. I called StarCraft warranty and they told us that they were an "independent dealer" and did not have to service us!

So, buyers beware dealing with Hill Top RV (remember, it's YOUR FAULT) and don't plan on having service done if you didn't buy it from them. If you are on the road and have an issue plan to pay out of pocket unless you bought it from them. Bottom line, I guess you better not travel in our area and expect any type of "CUSTOMER SERVICE" as Hill Top doesn't know what those words are.


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