Hill Top Bridal / Don't buy there

I ordered a Mother of the Bride dress for my daughters up coming wedding. I have 2 girls who are getting married a month apart. I ordered one dress from one store and the other at Hill Top Bridal. The one dress from Ballet was a perfect fit. The one dress from Hill Top was way off the mark.

I am normally a size 10 and the gown came in size 18.

Needless to say it was miles too big and they couldn't care less. I paid $300 for the dress and they said about the alterations and that my hips wouldn't take a smaller size which was B.S.

I took it in to a streamstress and she can fix it thank god but I have to take lots of it in.

But I shouldn't have to pay the price of taken in so much material for a dress that was measured first.

When the manager measured my waist she realized that my waist was an 1" smaller than what was printed, who knows about the rest she wouldn't carry on.

The Dressmaker said that it was definitely the wrong size even in the hips.

I am evenly proportioned and by no means is my hips any bigger than it should be.

So don't buy at Hill Top Bridal they haven't got a clue of what they are doing, and they won't support you.


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