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Hill Built Homes / Scam

1 1817 West Rock Creek CT.Nampa, ID, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 208 4220737

We have built three homes one as a complete general, second home as a partner in general and the third home as a subcontractor on parts on the home. This home was to be a special treat for my wife. We hired Nampa’s award winning builder Hill Built Homes for her to work with. We walked his parade homes numerous times to make sure we put in the items ands style she wanted in the home and we could afford. Mr. Hill promised my wife numerous features to be installed in her dream home.
The house is about 80 percent of what Mr. Hill promise the landscaping is about 10 percent of his promise. Mr. Hill’s only concern was having a contract signed. All the promises and the request where never done.
This is the first home I am truly ashamed of and it was built by an Award Winner. He remove items from the blueprints without permission, put products in that weren’t our choice, under bid the project and ran about 45, 000 over and violated the CC&R of the subdivision. The house is still a mess, and will take thousands of dollars just to fix, repair and finish the job correctly.
With Mr. Hill you have to wonder how and where your money was spent. He started a parade weeks after our contract. Coincident, maybe. Designs my wife had for her home ended up in his parade home and not hers.
Mr. Hill is the perfect reason Idaho needs contractor reform. Just a pick up, dog and hammer should not make you a contractor.

I want to thank the people who have been emailing me with their stories and their dealings with Hill Built Homes.

So I decided to create a web site Hillbuilthomeowner’s corner. Com (just copyrighted today) Please give me a month to have it up and running I want a section for video. A picture is worth a thousand words.
This site will look for good and bad, just the truth. I will moderate real estate agents from this site. It’s not for free advertisement or their personnel greed.

Numerous of the emails have requested I published the investigated background report on Mr. Hill. I’ll do this along with current legations and complaints. You’ll be surprise to see what kind of person your considering to hire after this read.

Numerous emails had stories of Mr. Hill unethically contacting or trying to contact a client’s children or grand children without any authorization or permission to do so. Generally he made these attempts after being serviced with demand letter or more.

Emails regarding concrete work that should have been covered under his warranty.
Another issue I am getting is Mr. Hill bait and switch tactic while acquiring a contract. Example his 2006 parade home won for the price class of 300, 000 to 325, 000 when you meet Mr. Hill to build this house it’s 529, 000 big different.

For a starting point go to, view/catid, 38483/id, 143/

Hopefully we’ll get enough information for me to submit to the proper agencies to weed out Hill Built Homes before the next real estate boom. So we have contractors with integrity and quality in their product out there.

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  • Ja
      4th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    Stephen is a con artist that abuses the power of the internet to try to ruin the reputation of a very small but talented builder that has won many awards. Not one other person in the world that would speak this way about Hill Built Homes. If one was to talk to any of his other clients they would get a much different story.

  • Md
      4th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    From my experience working with Keith Hill (owner of Hill Built Homes), I can say he is a true professional who takes pride in the quality and beauty of the homes he builds. He makes sure his clients are happy and diligently tries to give them most house for their money. He is conscientious of their budget while not cutting any corners in the quality. He has a great attitude and really knows what he is doing.

  • Jr
      8th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have worked with Keith Hill, of Hill Built Homes for many years and I have never experienced the person described above. His homes have always been a notch above the rest and all of his customers have been really happy with Keith that have dealt with me.

  • In
      18th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    This is completely false. I have worked with Mr. Hill for many years and have had no problems whatsoever. He builds a quality home and pays attention to fine detail. They are built in record times for the complexity of the houses. Most of the complaints from the poster are due to lack of knowledge of the building process and lack of communication/caring during said project. I would highly recommend Mr. Hill for any above average/custom home.

  • Ta
      6th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    We have worked with Keith Hill, owner of Hill Built Homes, for the last 10 years and we are proud to be associated with him. He is a builder that is quality minded and does what he says he is going to do. He is customer minded and builds a custom home while keeping the customers wants and budget in mind. The complaint above is completely unfounded. I would recommend Keith to build a home for anyone.

  • St
      28th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    Mr. Hill has ruin so many lives with his dishonesties. I recommend a complete background check on Mr. Hill that would include his personal life as well for civil suites and any criminal records.
    During the building of are house he started a new parade home. We had stop building of our house due to Mr. Hill modification that weren't authorized, Are house was red flag so many times by the inspection. Even the Board of Contractors came out to the house and disband Mr. Hill from the Nampa Board of Contractors. The BBB review my case and brought Mr. Hill rating to D- or F. I was disappointed the Board of Commerce didn't take his license. I should showed the overages, the red flags, the unauthorized modification Hr. Hill made. He very seldom check the house, but was there every time for money
    If I was a con artist why did Mr. Hill have an attorney, his own peers disbanded him after seeing the house and why did the BBB rate him.
    As for his award winning houses you can ask any builder spends more money on the house than the other builders. He uses these homes to entice prospect clients.
    He had to change his previous web site after I checked all his claims and found Mr. Hill mislead himself with the information he supplied.
    His new website says it all. It only shows his license and verifies the complaints. The only con artist in this is Mr. Hill. I can't emphasis enough to you for you protection and finances from this predator.
    Seriously do a full background check that includes his business and personal life. If you follow the bread crumbs and a story will appear. How a man trying to help him by hiring and teaching him the business was taken advanced of by Mr. Hill. Then how my wife loved his show homes to our story of dishonesty and deception in building and with our finances
    Mr. Hill can only show you a license. Which he shouldn't have in the first place, to build your home.
    Talk to other builder's about Mr. Hill see if you get positive remarks.
    If you are hiring Mr. Hill good luck he can only build with words not skill.

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