Highpointmarket / High Point Market / High Point Market = THEFT FROM ARTISTS!

HIGH POINT MARKET = THEFT FROM ARTISTS! High Point Market continues to support and promote theft from hard-working artists by leasing space to well-known and documented thieves and swindlers Design Legacy (alias Legacy Trading Compnay, legacy Trading Dry Goods, etc.)! Despite hundreds of verified complaints against this scam company and criminal owners Kelly 'O'Steal' O'Neal and Rene "I'm A Thief Too...So What?' Gutierrez, High Point Market continues to take blood money and deny the space these con artists take up to other, ethical businesses. Remember: IF YOU BUY FROM OR WORK WITH HIGH POINT MARKET OR DOCUMENTED CRIMINAL COMPANY DESIGN LEGACY, YOU ARE SUPPORTING THEFT FROM HARD-WORKING DALLAS ARTISTS AND CRAFTSPEOPLE! Thank you for your support in boycotting these two immoral, unethical, criminal companies!

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