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Highlight, 10 Cedar Swamp Road / SCAM Company

1 10 Cedar Swamp Road, Store#5Glen Cove, NY, United States Review updated:

As a recent college graduate I like everyone else went job searching. I became aware very quickly of all the scam companies out there...Dynasty Promotions, cutco, NY promotions, and Jambas Team Promotions especially. I recieved an e-mail from a company called Highlight NY. They were looking to fill 9 positions. Some management, some marketing etc...

I went for my first interview with Heather and she seemed very professional and very nice. One of my questions to her directly was 'are you affiliated with any companies like Dynasty promotions or New York Promotions' she said she had not heard of either and could assure me everything that Highlight does is on the up and up.

I was asked what my desired salary would be. I told her i just graduated im not looking to get rich quick, I realize i need to work my way up. She said Entry level starts at 30, 000 a year. Fine, that seemed normal.

I was told to wait by my phone and if i were chosen for a second interview i would be notified between 4 and 6. I was called back for a second interview the next day. Glen Cove is an hour and a half from where I live, this was not an easy trip. I showed up for my interview and found 4 other people besides myself that were there for the same thing.

We were each pulled into a room separately for introductions. Each of us left with two other people from Highlight NY. We signed a form stating we would not be paid for anything we did or sold that day.

I was told over the phone to dress in what I wore for the interview. Which was dress slacks, suit jacket, and a sweater. I was told that I would be going to an event to see what the company was all about. Fine, seemed a little odd but didn't think much of it.

I was quizzed by someone who had been with the company for 9 months about my marketing experience then was given a brief lesson about marketing. It wasn't until we were 5 minutes away that I was told where we were going.

We went to a Home Depot in a not so nice area and represented a Missing Children Charity known as CPEA. I was pretty pissed because while I was told the 'event' would not be glamourous, i did not think i would be soliciting people. What we sold were flashlights that made halloween noises, safety calendars, and t-shirts. They also had fingerprinting for children for an Amber Alert ID card which was nice.

What put the icing on the cake was when the girl i was with told me to call a credit card in for a sale made (or contribution as she put it). She had given me her phone, and she dialed the number and handed it to me. I dont know why i thought this was odd but it struck a negative chord in me and i looked at the number she had just called right before hanging up.

It read 'Jambas'. My heart sank and i knew i had been scammed. I had read about this company numerous times and had i known Highlight and Jambas were one in the same i never would have continued on.

I asked 'why the name change' and i could tell she became very uncomfortable. She said it was because of something someone said on [redacted]. They stated that Jambas Team Promotions takes 95% of the contribution and 5% goes to the charity. Which is true, she stated. Highlight NY also takes 95% of the contribution and 5% goes to charity, so no difference there.

I do not believe that for a second, there is no way a company would change their name because of what 1 person said via the internet. They probably changed it because everyone associated Jambas with SCAM.

That wasn't the only thing, the girl i was with handed me a white binder containing some info about the company and some of their clients. One of the clients in the binder was D.A.R.E. which is represented by NY Promotions but apparently not Highlight/Jambas. I asked the girl with me if NY Promotions was affiliated with Highlight NY. she said 'kind of, we are all part of a company called Quantum Events'

Heather, the hiring manager and apparently owner of Highlight NY told me she had NEVER heard of NY Promotions. Lies. I cannot believe i was scammed even when i told Heather I did not want to work for a scam company. You would think that would give THEM a red flag not to call me back for a second interview!

I went to lunch with the girl i was with (she was very nice and i dont want to badmouth her because she is not the problem here, hence me not using her name) and asked about salary. She gave a bit of a jumbled response and in that response said 30, 000 a year for entry level. So I said ok so what does the weekly paycheck look like.

She said 350 a week. So i said is that with or without taxes being taken out? she said 'without'. Now to me, 30, 000 a year is around 600 a week Gross pay. Net pay maybe around 500. This gave another red flag.

I did not stick around for the entire time, after lunch i had someone pick me up and left, not wanting to feed into this scam anymore. The other gentlemen i was with was unaware he would be making less than 350 a week. He, like me assumed 30, 000 a year meant around 600 gross pay a week. When i informed him of what went on at lunch he wasnt happy and will be looking into the situation.

Do not go for an interview with this company if you are looking for a marketing position. There is no marketing initially. I didn't stick around long enough to find out what happens later but the girl i was with had been with the company 9 months and was still doing sales, the same thing i was doing on day one. I dont even want to call it sales, it's soliciting. You could tell the people at Highlight NY were all trained the same way, they were like robots. Cultish even. Not for me, be aware if you decide to interview for this job.

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  • Sh
      22nd of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    wow this article saved me A LOT of trouble...I got a call back this week after sending my resume..i will NOT be going on an interview!!!

  • Vi
      17th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Very creepy company felt like a drug-prostitution ring

  • Ma
      12th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree with everything stated in the above article. I was with "Jambas" for about 7 weeks, I got "promoted" after 2 weeks only to find out I would then be conducting interviews and DECIDING if that person got hired or not. They make it appear as though Heather is doing the hiring but it really is the person you are out on a shadow with for the day since they will be the one who has to pay you the first $50 of their sales per day while you are starting out before you too get "promoted." You have to drive all over long island, up above new york city and also stanton island - your own gas, your own miles, your own space for both your trainee and all of the stuff you have to cart with you - table, banner, the stuff you're selling. My paychex continued to dwindle down to only about $50 to $200 per week depending on how much stuff I could get people to buy from me. I started feeling more and more uncomfortable and began letting the people I was interviewing know to RUN the other way. I needed to stay there until I found another job so I toughed it out the last couple of weeks until I could leave. I was most hurt because I thought Heather was my friend as with the other girls there - they really really do a great job of being so down to earth and they even offer to advance you money and try to make you very comfortable. Bottom line is it's a lot of empty promises and it's a pyramid setup. There is NO getting around that. They will tell you it's not but it most definitely is - as soon as your first couple weeks are over you DO pay the person below you directly out of what you make. I definitely learned a lot from the whole experience but it leaves a very bad feeling in my stomach and I would highly suggest STAYING AWAY! You'd be better off working anywhere, carwash, fastfood restaurant, whatever than here. It is not reliable money at all and it is SO stressful. The hours get longer and longer - my days were turning in 12 and 14 hour days by the time I was 7 weeks in.

  • Ma
      12th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Oh and everything is just mind games - they had me tell the person I was interviewing with to move their car around back if it was in front or around front if it was in back - just to maintain dominance and show them I was in charge. There were motivational meetings/trainings for 2 hours every morning - you're not allowed to sit down during this time but you have to take notes for a lot of it. You also do a lot of practive pitching of tshirts and other items over and over - it IS very motivational and the team feels very close - they DO get in your head - they put down most other career choices as not being enough money and they talk about how great Jambas/Highlights is - they make you believe the stats they tell you and are very persuassive - and like i said before - down to earth, friendly, energetic - i generally enjoyed this all at first until I caught on. Now I feel dumb for not catching on sooner. You also need to look energetic at your table all day so you are not allowed to sit down while you're out at a home depot or the beach or a grocery store or wherever you are. Sometimes you have to stand in the sun all day or outside in the cold. Sometimes stores will be nice and let you stay inside but you have to ask and it's a big "to do".

  • Ma
      12th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    ps Cutco's not really involved or related to this scam type of business at all. You do sell door to door and have to use your networking with friends, neighbors, etc with cutco but it's a legitimate company and sells a legitimate product. It's similar to avon or mary kay - and you can only order it from a cutco sales rep or if you go to their headquarters.

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