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Highland Rd. / Scam activity

1 United States

Nothing but harrassment since the first day of work back in June-2006. I cleaned the burbank store every day like it was my position while the other crew members performed the regular duties as far as I can see. I've watched the organization skills of your VP since said date and is amazed at the fact of having a training store, however, who really has his best intrest in the company if their stealling consisstantly. Your best intrest is following proceedure throughout the whole day every day, not when the inspection day is at hand and you want to be as perfect as you can get. Even buy telling the assistant manager in training, whose been training since 06-06, to come to work in a regular crew member purple shirt, But let the VP tell his story, he will have no knowlege of any of this going on. I used to always see your VP at the highland store on my off days when I worked at the Burbank location, and never at the burbank location when I was there being harrassed Now that I've been transfered all of a sudden and the choice was between me and the other General Manager at Burbank, I don't see the VP. He hasn't showed his face at the Highland location, but be at the Burbank location more now. Just sitting in the lobby with his head in his laptop without the respect of giving eye contact. Such poor perfessionalizm. Many complaints has been called in lately because of the poor service between these stores and mabe others. I only know about the said two. The chain of command ends with your VP, and nothing ever get's resolved, for example, but covered up corporate complaints. It didn't take me long to figure out who was actually running this company until I asked him. You should be PROUD of your VP for doing such a fantaastic job at running your company out of the red.

Let's start here. This is the proceedure the General Manager at Burbank Operate with even while VP sit's in lobby.
Pull up and park in parking stal l without circle the resturant. No one waits outside at all.( on a regular basis) Start setting up batter-fry station and bring out condiments from the cooler to be preped to early. Opening the store and prepping it is expired by lunch rush. Allowing the bus pans to sit double top at the batter-fry station, allowing top pans to spoil chicken every day. But Willie Smith will still fry that chicken. When the store passed inspection just recently was the most chicken waste in one day, that I see in one month. That store don't through no chicken away unless it falls in front of the customers when packaging an order. And you should have many complaints about the quality of your product. The grease is only pumped out once a week if that and continuing to fry the chicken in unshiffted flour will allow a disscusting peice of chicken in your 2 pc combo with a side of red beans and rice that's expired with no time one them, an the crew will hand them out.
Everytime I did a count and was off work and came to work the count will be in the minus. I can imagine it being in the red for a mighty long time, and now they need to get their mess together. And I still wonder how you transfer an assistant manager that is not certified and has been closing since the transfer. They will always have a plan ready when you call. You've been told this and done nothing about it. Like you've given up on, the people who's been your customers for so many years. And the thanks is that, as long as your pockets are full for years to come. You'll pay someone else to do something about it. Your VP is the reason you havn't found new talent at the two locations said. You got one guy in the batter-fry station who has something dripping from his nose every few minutes making somebodys food while holding a towel that's used to catch the fluids thats running fron his nose.@ the highland location, name is david.VP will deny this to his own face. At the highland rd. location they have Clorox Bleach, Fabluoso(like pine sol), Pinesol, Formula 409, esay off oven cleaner, etc.

What I've learned is that a captain goes down with his ship. Training has to start from somewhere, and everybody is responsible . Crew members, Assist Mngr, General Mngr, VP. Now it seems like when the crew members can't hold their job they are replaced. Same thing regaurding the Assist Mngr, and the Same thing with General Mngr as well as same goes for the VP. There is people just coming in and leaving on the clock and coming back in the afternoon, and then just sit around the store and harrass other employees while they are doing the work by themselves. Everyone supossed to be in uniform and the managers also, it's like a mad house. Burbank is allowing crew mwmbers to tell assist manager what to do, and there is no respect because of Wille Smith GM, Whose friends with VP. Calling over to the highland store asking questions about the sales, while he's taking chicken out the back door to his truck, with seasoning and other condiments. Other employee's don't know how to rip off a store of so much chicken. Once you can get someone in posotion who you can trust to work right, they chase away by overlooking into the investigation. There is no one overseeing the operations and taking temp logs nor keeping products at the right temperature, restrooms are not cleaned, inside the service line needs to be cleaned from months of crumbs, grease needs to be pumoed out twice a week to maintain the quality of the chicken along with shifting the flour.
I heard complaint after complaint from our customers, and Willie Smith GM didn't teach me one thing about handling complaints or writing one up. I wasn't taught how to inventory, or order products, labor and sales %m and the reason he don't count everything. But let him tell it I was Taking off work. I was taking off work because I felt I was being held back from learning the company. 6 week training Lasted 7 Months.
Everytime a lady comes to work for burbank, Willie Smith GM has slept with a Joy Slack, and now Terri P, that's why I was transferred.Of course they will deny. Why is there so many employee's that want her gone.Threatning to fire someone if they take their break? Why do you think the sheriff stop coming.


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