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New Haven, CT, United States
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BEWARE potential employees. Higher one boasts how open and friendly they are, and maybe they are in their main location, but they have been hiring remote csr agents. You are thrown into tons of training and information which is good, but they do little to support you in the beginning. You are told how good/bad you did and what to work on, but with no suggestions, or verbal conversations. THEY also mis-represent the entire details when hiring. I was asked if it was a permanent position which I was told yes, but then they let me go after their peak season. They offered to possibly call me again for the next peak...but really they should of been more clear in saying that it was a temp position for a certain amount of time and then there was shift bidding. I had NOOOOOOO Idea that the shift I was hired for may or may not be available after a certain amount of time, I thought that was only if you wanted to change your shift. SOO if you are trying to coordinate children and their schedules...the schedule you get hired at you may not be able to keep. You would need to be available from 8am to 8pm to be able to keep your job. Had they informed me that it was possibly a temp position, I would of kept my other job which was paying me more than Higher One. job at all. I had to purchase new phone, and headset, and purchase unlimited long distance service for this job. Good company, very strict...just be aware NOT to quit another job for this one, they count on temp employees...keeps the cost down.

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